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Kristin Davis at the 2011 Costume Designers Guild Awards

By: / February 23, 2011

Sex and the City’s 80s Flashback

By: Regan Stephens / September 10, 2009

The ladies of Sex and the City 2 once again did the time warp on the streets of New York on Wednesday, rocking some seriously it-came-from-the-’80s outfits.
Click through the pics and let us know in the comments section: Do you prefer Sarah Jessica Parker‘s vintage Madonna get-up, Kristin Davis‘ preppy ensemble, or CynthiaMore »

Dirty Pics: Top 10 Celebrity Sex Tapes

By: sbaran / January 27, 2009

Nowadays, it seems like a celebrity really hasn’t made it until one of their private videos “accidentally” lands on the Internet.

Click through our list of the top 10 celebrity sex tapes. That is, if you dare! More »

Top 10 Nude Celeb Scandals

By: sbaran / January 27, 2009

Some stars are so glamorous it’s easy to forget that, underneath it all, they’re naked people.

And some stars make sure we can’t forget it.

It won’t make you a perv. Right, Pee-wee? More »