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Find Out Why Lance Bass Kept His Sexuality a Secret

Taking the cover of People magazine with a headline that read “I’m Gay,” Lance Bass finally came out in 2006 — 11 years after becoming famous with ‘NSYNC.

So why did he keep his sexuality a secret for so long?

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Celebs Are Stepping Out of the Closet and Locking the Door Behind Them

Everybody’s doing it.

Ellen Page is doing it. Lance Bass did it. Rosie O’Donnell got done with it quite a while back now…

That’s riiii-iiight! Coming out of the closet as a celeb is continuing to lose it’s stigma and catch fire in Tinseltown.

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Dakota Fanning Kissed Kristen Stewart And She (Sorta) Liked it

What’s it like to kiss Kristen Stewart? Well, apparently it is enough to make Dakota Fanning blush.
Dakota shared her first on-screen kiss with KStew in The Runaways, which came out earlier this year. In an interview with Marie Claire, Dakota opens up about her girl-on-girl kissing experience:
It’s out of the way,…


Katy Perry Kissed A Girl And She Liked It (PHOTOS)

Hey, it’s just like the song!
“I Kissed a Girl” chanteuse Katy Perry was recently snapped planting a big wet smooch on a gal pal while leaving a hotel in Paris. The 24-year-old singer must be very close with her female friends to feel comfortable enough to kiss them on the lips in front…


‘Real Housewife’ Danielle Staub Sings Duet With Alleged Girlfriend (VIDEO)

When she isn’t terrorizing her cast mates on Real Housewives of New Jersey or starring in sex tapes, Danielle Staub likes to imply that she is dating famous lesbian musicians.
The 50-year-old RHONJ star kinda sorta came out on live television last night when she performed her new single “Real Close” (yes, she has…


Katy Perry Ripped Apart By Original “I Kissed A Girl” Singer

Hey, remember that song “I Kissed A Girl?” No, we aren’t talking about the pop song by Katy Perry, we’re referring to that catchy hit by Jill Sobule that came out in 1995.
The song was something of a lesbian anthem, telling the light-hearted story of two suburban ladies who fall in love with…


BLINDBUZZ: Which Famous Mom Is Pimping Out Her Daughter?

Welcome back to BLINDBUZZ where we round-up the juiciest blind items and take a guess at who the famous identities behind the items really are.

This time around we have a pimping mom, a closeted actress who hooked up with a diva, and a model who will do anything to get a


Miley Cyrus Denies Sharing Lesbian Kiss On TV

While her girl-on-girl kiss might have been upstaged by Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, Miley Cyrus was still reeling from the media attention she has been getting after she mimicked kissing a female dancer during Britain’s Got Talent.
Miley took to her website to blast the


Miley Cyrus Kisses Female Dancer On British TV

Miley Cyrus kissed a girl and she liked it.
The 17-year-old tweener performed her new song “Can’t Be Tamed” on Britain’s Got Talent last night and she decided to top off her racy performance by kissing a female dancer. Well, sort of. Miley didn’t actually kiss the dancer, she just mimicked kissing her.


Courtney Love Admits Lesbian Affair With Kate Moss

Sure, she may be a bit of a mess, but Courtney Love is shaping up to be our new favorite celebrity. Why? The lady knows how to dish about the good stuff.
After Courtney admitted that she had an affair with Gwen Stefani’s husband, Gavin Rossdale (relax, it was before Gavin and Gwen became…


Lindsay Lohan Denies Hooking Up With Lesbian Cougar

Bad news for all you people out there who were excited about Lindsay Lohan’s return to sapphic love: Linds says she isn’t dating a woman.
Indrani, a 36-year-old photographer, recently blabbed that she was hooking up with Lindsay, but apparently she forgot to add that these hook-ups were only taking place in her dreams.


Lindsay Lohan Caught In Affair With Lesbian Cougar

Is Lindsay Lohan dating a “cougar” photographer? All signs are pointing to “yes.”
The New York Post recently learned that Lindsay was rehashing her sapphic tendencies by taking a lesbian lover in the form of 36-year-old photographer Indrani.
Indrani is one half of the photographer duo Markus Klinko and Indrani and the pair…

Alex Blagg |

Cynthia Nixon Says Publicist Wouldn’t Let Her Come Out

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon may have shocked a lot of people when she came out as a lesbian with girlfriend Christine Marinoni but apparently Cynthia had to battle her publicist in order to come out publicly.
Cynthia tells The Advocate that she hired her first publicist to help her deal with…

Alex Blagg |

Scott Baio Keeps Himself Busy By Having An Offensive Internet Meltdown

Hey, everyone: Scott Baio is still alive! And, like most forgotten celebrities, he is having a public meltdown on Twitter.
The Charles in Charge star has been keeping himself busy by starting internet wars with bloggers and offending the gays, blacks, and pretty much anyone else he can latch his Twit wit onto.


Courtenay Semel Honors Casey Johnson By Revealing Sex Tape

And we thought Tila Tequila was Casey Johnson’s only true friend! Courtenay Semel or C-Nay-Nay as we like to call her, the ex-girlfriend to Tila, Johnson, and Lindsay Lohan, has remained pretty mum since the sudden and tragic death of 30-year-old Johnson earlier this month. But now, she has something to say. And, boy, is…

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Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart Play Dress Up In ‘The Runaways’ (PHOTOS)

We’re absolutely dying to check out The Runaways when it hits theatres. Mostly to see if Kristen Stewart has the chops to pull off rock icon Joan Jett in a movie that’s outside of her “quivering vampire lust” wheelhouse. Oh, and also there’s that much-talked about lesbian kiss between K-Stew and Dakota Fanning…. but shhh!!

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Carmen Electra’s Super-Classy Girl-on-Girl Tape

After marriages to cross-dressing basketballer Dennis Rodman and mascara enthusiast Dave Navarro, should it really be surprising that Carmen Electra has a fondness for the ladies?
Check out this video of the former Baywatch babe sucking down the bubbly and getting cozy with an unknown female friend. The origin and details behind the video…

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Dakota Fanning Spills on Kristen Stewart Kiss!

Forget about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s on-screen and off-screen makeouts. We’re all about K-Stew and another hot New Moon star—Dakota Fanning!
The ladies will share a steamy kiss in the upcoming Joan Jett biopic The Runaways that they filmed over the summer.
Fanning confirmed to Access Hollywood on Monday night that, “Yes,…

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Kristen Stewart on Robsten Rumors: “I’m a Lesbian”

Kristen Stewart sure has an interesting way of addressing all the speculation about her relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.
In an interview with EW.com, Stewart offered her thoughts on how to deal with the constant prying by the media and public alike:

“I’ve thought about this a lot. There’s no answer…

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VIDEO: Hayden Panettiere’s Heroic Girl-Girl Kiss

We told you about it, now we’re got the steamy footage!
Here’s the upcoming scene from Heroes, in which star Hayden Panettiere makes out with Madeline Zima.
Ooh-la-la!It’s hot and all, but shouldn’t they have waited to show this when the episode airs on Monday to get some much-needed viewers?
What do…

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