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The Importance of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and 14 Other Significant LGBTQ Moments on Television

An important episode of Dawson's Creek titled "True Love" aired fifteen years ago, featuring a few short seconds of a kiss between it's two characters Jack and Ethan. While this may seem like no big deal today, it marked a defining moment for U.S. television: being the very first "passionate" kiss between two men o…

By: Kendall Fisher / April 9, 2015

Ellen Page & Julianne Moore Banned From Filming Lesbian Drama at Catholic School

Julianne Moore and Ellen Page have been banned from shooting scenes at a New York Catholic boys’ school for their lesbian love drama, Freeheld. What year is it?!

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / October 22, 2014

#SOS: LGBT Advocate Learns To Embrace Her Femininity

This week, it's all about finding your fashion voice. Racquelle is a transgendered woman, who is dying to be sexy, but coming up short on sophistication. With Johnny Wujek's help, she learns to embrace her femininity and how to leave some things to the imagination. Check it out in the full episode below.

By: Danielle Jacoby / June 5, 2014

The Stars Behind Broadway’s ‘Kinky Boots’ Thank Macy’s For Supporting Fabulousness

After their high heels and day drag sent America into a tizzy, the stars of Broadway's Kinky Boots thanked Macy's for their support in the most American way possible. They braved the crowds and brawls of Black Friday.

By: Jason Marshall / November 30, 2013

LGBT Representation on Television is Up, Fox is Winning

While things remain bleak at the movie palace, over on the teevee things are looking up for the LGBT community. In its annual study of LGBT representation on television, GLAAD has concluded that the 2012-2013 season was a banner year for LGBT inclusion. In a way, television is more important, as the characters we see…

By: Robert Kessler / October 11, 2013

Only 14 of Last Year’s 101 Major Studio Movies Had an LGBT Character

GLAAD has just released the first ever comprehensive study of the representation of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in major studio films. GLAAD has, for years, been ranking television networks based on their inclusion of LGBT characters, but until now major studios were not subjected to the same scrutiny. The results of the study,…

By: Robert Kessler / August 21, 2013