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WATCH: The First Trailer for Lifetime’s Britney Spears Biopic Is Here

Celebuzz | January 23, 2017 - 3:50 pm

This is… something. More »

Filming Begins on the Unauthorized Britney Spears Lifetime Biopic

Jelani Addams Rosa | October 6, 2016 - 1:07 pm

So many hats, so little time. More »

Lifetime’s Britney Spears Biopic Has Found Its Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline

Gabrielle Chung | September 28, 2016 - 5:56 pm

Bring out the ramen hair wig. More »

Britney Spears Doesn’t Approve of Her Lifetime Movie

Gabrielle Chung | August 25, 2016 - 12:46 pm

Her biopic may be in the works, but Britney Spears wants no part of it. More »

Britney Spears Is Getting Her Very Own Lifetime Movie

Scott Baumgartner | August 24, 2016 - 8:46 pm

Admit it, you’ve been secretly wanting this for years. More »

Movie About the Murder of JonBenét Ramsey Finally Coming to Lifetime

Kit Bowen | August 10, 2016 - 5:45 pm

Will it shed light on who killed her? More »

‘Beaches’ Is Getting a Remake Starring Idina Menzel

Kit Bowen | July 28, 2016 - 4:04 pm

Getting a second “Wind.” More »

WATCH: Doug Hutchison Reveals Courtney Stodden Was Pursued by Politicians and Sheikhs Prior to Marriage

Gabrielle Chung | April 21, 2016 - 8:01 pm

A long time ago, Doug Hutchison wasn’t the only man in Courtney Stodden’s love life.

More »

WATCH: Heidi Montag Cries in Front of Her Mom’s Fake Grave

Gabrielle Chung | March 14, 2016 - 4:12 pm

Heidi Montag is breaking down her problems.

More »

Heidi Montag on Attempting to Salvage Relationship with Mom on Camera

Scott Baumgartner | March 2, 2016 - 4:23 pm

Heidi Montag brings her hard partying, her brutally honest comments, and her mom along on her new TV show.
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How Courtney Stodden’s Mom Fell in Love with Doug Hutchison

Gabrielle Chung | March 1, 2016 - 2:02 pm

All’s not well in Courtney Stodden’s home.

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James Franco Is Producing the Remake of a Classic Lifetime TV Movie

Mia Lardiere | December 21, 2015 - 3:27 pm

Your life. Your Franco.

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