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From (A)rianators to Barb(Z): A Worst-to-Best Ranking of Pop Music Fan Base Nicknames

YAAAAASSSSSSSS!!! In the world of pop fandom, it is de rigueur to name the fan base to which you belong (or to have your chosen idol name it for you.) Over the last several years, we have seen groups with nicknames like Little Monsters, Beliebers, and Arianators grow into power and change the way we…

By: Matt Russoniello / September 23, 2014

17 Tweets That Prove Russell Crowe is Either Way Smarter or Way Crazier Than You

Born on a faraway planet where phone tossing is a customary greeting, Russell Crowe was sent to Earth as a young child to make films for humans to enjoy. And while he has mostly succeeded at that mission, he provides far more entertainment on Twitter, where his attempts at human interaction often resemble the stream…

By: Robert Kessler / May 27, 2013