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Macklemore Has a Painting of Nude Justin Bieber With Penis Pancakes

Lisa Timmons | March 12, 2016 - 3:18 am

Apparently, rapper Macklemore owns a piece of art that features pop star, Justin Bieber, in a compromising position with some breakfast food.
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Ryan Lewis Plunks Down $3.3 Million on This Seattle Waterfront Panty-Dropping Palace

Andrea Simpson | March 5, 2014 - 5:00 pm

Now that his stock has sky-rocketed since his Grammy win alongside partner in platinum music, Mackelmore, Ryan Lewis is taking his record deal dough and putting into the real estate market.

And let’s just say by the looks of his new home, this 25-year-old isn’t shopping at the “Thrift Shop” anymore.

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Robin Thicke And Pharrell’s New Video Gets Banned On Today’s One Minute Music Buzz

Cara Prichard | June 19, 2013 - 8:30 pm

Robin Thicke and Pharrell may have finally knocked Macklemore off the top of the Billboard charts, but YouTube isn’t too thrilled with their latest music video.

Meanwhile, new things are happening for Kanye West. Not only did the rapper recently welcome his first baby girl, but his album, Yeezus, has a fresh whole sound that’s… More »