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BUZZINGS: Miley Announces That She’s Taking Break From Music; Music Breathes Sigh of Relief

Miley Cyrus says that after her next album she’ll be laying off the music-making for a while, presumably so she’ll have more time to think of bold and innovative new ways to give Disney execs heart attacks with her age-inappropriate behavior. (Idolator)
And now, the 10 Best Drunk Scenes in Cinematic History, and…

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Michelle Phillips Says Mackenzie Is Full of It

Hey, remember yesterday, when Mackenzie Phillips shocked the world by claiming that she’d had an incestuous relationship with her late father, The Mamas and the Papas founder John Phillips?
Yeah, well, not so fast.
Phillips’ stepmother, Michelle Phillips—who was married to Papa John from 1962 to 1970—is thoroughly refuting Mackenzie’s claims in an…

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Mackenzie Phillips Says She Had Sex With Her Father

Troubled former One Day at a Time actress Mackenzie Phillips is coming clean about her relationship with her father, The Mamas & the Papas founder John Phillips. And the details aren’t pretty.
People magazine has published excerpts from Phillips’ upcoming biography, High on Arrival, in which she reveals that she had a long-term incestuous…

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Mackenzie Phillips Off the Hook for Blow and Heroin

One Infraction at a Time, there, Mackenzie Phillips.
The embattled actress pleaded guilty to felony charges of cocaine possession today in Los Angeles. Her sentence, handed down by Judge Keith L. Schwartz, carries no jail time.
Philips will endure an 18-month rehabilitation program that, if completed successfully, will dismiss all charges upon completion.

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Mackenzie Phillips: Two Felonies in One Bust!

Faded actress Mackenzie Phillips is famous again, but not in any way she’d like to be.
TMZ reports that the One Day at a Time actress has been charged with two felony drug possession counts—one for heroin and one for cocaine—along with misdemeanor possession of hypodermic needles.
Mackenzie was arrested last week when…

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Mackenzie Phillips Is on the Loose!

Apparently, Mackenzie Phillips approaches her attitude toward freedom one day at a time. The former actress—who was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport Wednesday morning on charges of heroin and cocaine possession—has accepted bail from her half-sister Bijou Phillips, after initially rejecting it. Bijou and her boyfriend, Danny Masterson, visited Phillips in the slammer yesterday

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