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Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs: Mirror Image Actors Vs. the Famous People They Played on the Big Screen (POLL)

For the upcoming biopic jOBS, Ashton Kutcher has become the spitting image of Steve Jobs  -- but which actor underwent the best transformation into a real life icon? Celebuzz wants to know. Kutcher, 34, is seen here posing with dated hair and beard while wearing an open shirt and jeans beside an old Apple computer while…
By: Cliff Renfrew / December 9, 2012

Reviews Are In For Brad Pitt’s ‘Moneyball’!

Brad Pitt's sports drama Moneyball hits theaters tomorrow, and critics have weighed in on the film ... and so far, the reviews are great! Fox News states that "Moneyball is the “Wall Street of sports movies," and goes on to say that Brad's portrayal of Oakland A's General Manager Billy Beane is hi…
By: / September 22, 2011

First Look: Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill Play Hard in ‘MoneyBall’ (VIDEO)

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are ready to play ball! After much anticipation, the official Moneyball movie trailer has finally hit the web. In the film, Brad will portray real-life Oakland Athletics manager and owner Billy Beane, who used computer-generated analysis of statistics to draft players. A clean-shaven Brad takes i…
By: / June 16, 2011

Brad Pitt Catches a Wave (PHOTOS)

Well, hello there to you too, Brad Pitt! The Ocean's Thirteen stud seemed to be in a particularly friendly mood while filming his upcoming baseball drama Moneyball in Westwood, California, on Wednesday, waving to the cameras as he prepared for a hard day's work. Or maybe he was just letting his underarm deodorant dry.
By: / September 30, 2010

Brad Pitt Takes ‘Moneyball’ to the Field (PHOTOS)

A clean-shaven Brad Pitt was spotted taking in the baseball diamond action as he filmed a scene for his new film, Moneyball. Brad will portray real-life Oakland Athletics manager and owner Billy Beane. The film is based on the famed baseball economics book, Moneyball, by Michael Lewis. Now that his partner Angelina Jolie…
By: / July 21, 2010

Brad Pitt Finally Shaves His Beard (PHOTOS)

Well, well; it's reassuring to know that, after all this time, Brad Pitt still cleans up pretty well. After rocking a beard that would make ZZ Top blush for the past few months, the Snatch actor showed off a clean-shaven look while filming his upcoming drama Moneyball in downtown Los Angeles on Monday. *Sniff*…
By: Celebuzz / July 12, 2010