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Bieber Reveals 3D Movie Title: ‘Never Say Never’ (VIDEO)

| October 15, 2010 - 4:36 am

It’s a big day for Beliebers, as Justin Bieber reveals the official movie poster for his 3D concert movie, bearing the title Never Say Never.
Baby Biebs revealed the title via Twitter at midnight, finally satisfying fans who had embarked on a 10-piece treasure hunt for puzzle pieces of the poster. Ever the… More »

Twilight In Pandora, and Other Hilarious Movie Poster Mash-Ups (PHOTOS)

Alex Blagg | February 18, 2010 - 3:40 pm

The fine folks over at Worth1000 (via /Film)have brought us the LOLs again with thier latest exercise in photoshop trickery, this time mashing up two entirely different classic movie posters to create one hilarious new concept in would-be cinematic genius.
Click through our gallery to see the Twilight kids as Na’vi, Chuck from Goonies… More »

New Poster For Sex and the City 2 (We Think)

Alex Blagg | December 10, 2009 - 10:15 am

Holy photoshop! Behold the just-released movie poster for the highly-anticipated Sex And The City sequel.
Can we just talk about a few things, guys?

That is NOT Sarah Jessica Parker. Is Jesus putting out a hip-hop album produced by J-Lo? Or is Jessica Biel starring in that new remake of Tron
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Megan Fox’s ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Movie Poster

Betsy Waldman | July 10, 2009 - 6:45 pm

Hell yes is right!
First, we got a sneak peak of the new Jennifer’s Body trailer, the Diablo Cody horror flick starring Megan Fox as a possessed high school cheerleader on a male killing spree.
Then, this gory picture hit the web, showing Megan’s face absolutely covered in blood.
And now, beholdMore »