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The Best Celebrity Mug Shots of 2016

Because being famous doesn’t always mean posing for pretty pictures…

Alexa Gonzales | July 15, 2016 - 9:30 am

Meghan Trainor’s Dreams Come True as She Performs ‘I Want It That Way’ with the Backstreet Boys


Jelani Addams Rosa | July 8, 2016 - 1:37 pm

Nick Carter Settles with Bouncer Who Accused Him of Battery

Nick Carter is paying the price for his misdemeanor charge.

Mia Lardiere | July 5, 2016 - 4:12 pm

Nick Carter Sentenced to Community Service After Bar Brawl

Nick Carter is paying the price for his January arrest.

Kaitlyn Laurie | March 31, 2016 - 10:18 am

WATCH: Nick Carter Releases Trailer for Zombie-Filled Western ‘Dead 7’

If the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, 98 Degrees and O-Town fighting off zombies doesn’t sound like fun to you, then you’re beyond help.

Scott Baumgartner | March 17, 2016 - 4:16 pm

Giveaway Alert: Win a Pair of Tickets to See Nick Carter Live!

Here’s your chance to see Nick Carter on his own!

Gabrielle Chung | February 26, 2016 - 12:31 pm

Gigi Hadid Stages Mini Backstreet Boys Reunion for ‘Lip Sync Battle’

“All you people can’t you see, can’t you see…”

Jelani Addams Rosa | February 22, 2016 - 3:59 pm

Nick Carter Receives Lawsuit from Florida Bouncer, But This Fellow Backstreet Boy Has His Back

As the saying goes, “Bros before DUIs.”

Mia Lardiere | January 26, 2016 - 11:36 am

Jimmy Fallon and ‘Sesame Street’ Hilariously Photobomb Kids and Other Celebrity News

The workweek is over! It’s time to catch up on all the Hollywood stories you’ve missed about all your favorite celebrities including Jimmy Fallon, Cameron Diaz and Nick Carter.

Scott Baumgartner | January 15, 2016 - 10:00 pm

Nick Carter Released From Jail After Bar Brawl: ‘Just a Guy Trying to Enjoy Some Vacation’

Nick Carter reportedly walked out of Monroe County Detention Center yesterday after allegedly getting involved in a bar fight on Wednesday night.

Scott Baumgartner | January 15, 2016 - 7:17 pm

Jessica Simpson Is ‘Happy to Procreate’ with Eric Johnson and Other Celebrity News

We gathered all the latest celebrity news from across the web that we know you want featuring Jessica Simpson, Adam Lambert and Scarlett Johansson.

Scott Baumgartner | January 14, 2016 - 10:00 pm

Nick Carter Arrest Bodycam Video: Bouncers Attacked ‘Like Navy Seals!’

Nick Carter and his buddy claim they were repeatedly beat down by staffers at a Key West bar — something they drunkenly tried to tell cops right before they got arrested.

TMZ | January 14, 2016 - 2:05 pm

Intoxicated Nick Carter Arrested in Key West on Battery Charge

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys was arrested in Florida after engaging in a bar fight.

Mia Lardiere | January 14, 2016 - 10:20 am

WATCH: Chrissy Teigen Twerks, Christina Aguilera ‘Belts’ in ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Season Two

If you thought it wasn’t possible to turn up and throwback at the same time, you are sorely mistaken.

Mia Lardiere | December 14, 2015 - 3:56 pm

Tamar Braxton Leaves ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Because of Health Problems

Another Dancing with the Stars contestant has been forced to leave the show due to serious health concerns.

Kaitlyn Laurie | November 11, 2015 - 11:20 am

This Is What Aaron Carter Thinks of Nick Carter’s Baby News

There’s going to be a little Backstreet Boy in Nick Carter’s family, but what how does the singer’s younger brother, Aaron Carter, feel about having a nephew?

Celebuzz | November 10, 2015 - 2:47 pm
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