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WATCH: Nick Jonas Releases Music Video for His Auto-Tuned Single ‘Area Code’

Nick Jonas is a rapper at heart, he just doesn’t know it yet. …

Natasha Reda / October 9, 2015

Nick Jonas Dodges Kate Hudson Romance Questions: ‘Not Gonna Talk About It’

Nick Jonas is keeping quiet about his budding romance with Kate Hudson. Jonas almost was in the clear before being asked about Hudson during a radio interview with 94.7 Fresh FM on Tuesday, Sept. 29. Watch the video on Us Weekly

Us Weekly / October 1, 2015

Selena Gomez Says Her Relationship with Nick Jonas Was ‘Puppy Love’

Selena Gomez is finally addressing those Nick Jonas dating rumors. …

Natasha Reda / September 24, 2015

Nick Jonas, Diego Boneta and Glen Powell Go Shirtless for ‘Scream Queens’ Premiere

Last night’s (Sep. 22, 2015) premiere of Scream Queens gave us plenty to squeal about in the skin department.

Michael Prieve / September 23, 2015

Nick Jonas Dropping New Album ‘Early Next Year’

Star of Scream Queens, singer Nick Jonas revealed that he has plans to release his next album at the beginning of 2016.

Lisa Timmons / September 23, 2015

Gina Rodriguez and Boyfriend Henri Esteve Break Up and More Celebrity News

Gina Rodriguez and boyfriend Henri Esteve break up. — Us Weekly

Amanda Peet was REALLY excited about her husband’s Emmy win for Game Of Thrones. — Huffington Post

Ranking the best shows on The CW! — Ranker

Plus, these other news stories.

Michael Prieve / September 21, 2015

17 Celebrity Fragrances that Aren’t on the Market, But Probably Should Be

Here’s a topic for Kanye West and Donald Trump to hash out in the 2020 presidential debate: Are signature fragrances becoming the avocado toast to celebrity brands?

Mia Lardiere / September 7, 2015

Celebuzz Presents the First Annual ‘Summer’s End Thirsty 30′

Summer may be over, but it’s still hot outside! Don’t let yourself get too thirsty.

Matt Russoniello / September 7, 2015

2015 MTV Video Music Awards: Ranking the Performances from Worst to Best

Ah, last night’s MTV VMAs.

Justin Bieber flew like Peter Pan and cried, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift buried their (fake?) hatchet, Miley Cyrus performed a new song about how much she loves pot from the album she surprise-dropped last night, and Demi Lovato performed outside in the parking lot all night long.

Kaitlyn Laurie / August 31, 2015

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards Winners

At the MTV Video Music Awards, there are no losers — only those who are not friends of Taylor Swift.

Mia Lardiere / August 30, 2015

Nick Jonas Shares Thoughts on Miley Cyrus Hosting the VMAs

Miley Cyrus is the reason Nick Jonas is looking forward to the VMAs this year. …

Natasha Reda / August 30, 2015

Ed Sheeran Did Get the Lion Tattoo After All and More Celebrity News

Ed Sheeran did get the lion tattoo after all — was joking about “only joking.” [Us Weekly]

Taylor Swift has officially monetized friendship. [Huffington Post]

Plus, these other celebrity news stories you may have missed.

Michael Prieve / August 26, 2015
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