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Celeb Snaps! Hottest Star Sightings – Friday 02.15.13

Loraine Pavich / February 15, 2013

Nicolas Cage and Emma Stone attend the Premiere of ‘The Croods’ in Berlin, Germany… More »

Celeb Snaps! Hottest Star Sightings – Thursday 02.14.13

Loraine Pavich / February 14, 2013

Nicolas Cage with family arrives in Berlin for Berlin International Film Festival… More »

Celeb Snaps! Hottest Star Sightings – Thursday 01.10.13

Barbara DeFranco / January 10, 2013

Nicolas Cage and his son arrive at LAX on January 10, 2013. More »

Celebrities With Weird Pets

Cory Lopez / November 26, 2012

After dropping big bucks on yachts, cars, a jet and a castle, Nicolas Cage’s most bizarre splurge came when he shelled out for two king cobras — Moby and Sheba— and an octopus, according to New York magazine. More »

Outrageous Celebrity Purchases

Celebuzz / October 10, 2012

Outrageous Celebrity Purchases… More »

Celebrity Supernatural Stories

/ August 1, 2012

After seeing a ghost in his uncle Francis Ford Coppola’s attic, actor Nicolas Cage refuses to stay overnight at his home. He remembers one night seeing the door in front of his bed open and seeing a woman’s silhouette standing in the doorway. More »

Stars with Many Marriages

Celebuzz / December 7, 2010

Nicolas Cage’s third wife Alice Kim was a waitress at a Los Angeles sushi restaurant before meeting the “National Treasure” star. Cage was also married to actress Patricia Arquette and Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie Presley. More »

2 Nicola Cage Someone

Celebuzz / April 21, 2010

2. Nicola Cage: Someone please stop him before National Treasure 3 goes into production. More »

4 Ghost Rider (2007)

Alex Blagg / April 13, 2010

4. Ghost Rider (2007): A movie about a biker with a flaming skull for a head? Starring Nicolas Cage? How did this one fail? More »

A Hairy Cage Situation

Alex Blagg / April 12, 2010

A Hairy Cage Situation… More »

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