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Kim Kardashian’s Naked Body Still Makes Ray J Money

Kendall Fisher | November 18, 2014 - 10:07 am

It’s been 7 years since Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was sold to make her famous leaked to adult entertainment companies, but it’s still churning a good profit, especially as she continues to release more and more scandalous photos.

In fact, last week’s nude photos from Paper magazine triggered a renewed interest in the… More »

Perez Hilton Recorded a Video of Himself Saying ‘F*** You!’ to Jennifer Lawrence

Matt Russoniello | October 21, 2014 - 12:45 pm

Human-like pile of offal and perennial shit-stirrer Perez Hilton is not too happy that A-List actress, Jennifer “America’s Sweetheart” Lawrence, criticized him for posting her nude photos shortly after they leaked. In fact, he’s so unhappy, he recorded a nearly six-minute rant aimed at the Oscar-winner. Join us, won’t you, as we descend into the depths… More »

Nicholas Hoult Talks Jennifer Lawrence Nude Hacking Photo Leak

Michael Prieve | October 10, 2014 - 11:30 am

Jennifer Lawrence’s ex boyfriend Nicholas Hoult has broken his silence about her nude photo leak.

The 24-year-old actor was put on the spot during an appearance Good Day New York to promote his new film Young Ones.

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Jennifer Lawrence Calls Nude Photo Leak a ‘Sex Crime’ in New ‘Vanity Fair’ Interview

Peggy Truong | October 7, 2014 - 10:07 am

A topless Jennifer Lawrence graces the November issue of Vanity Fair in a cover story that was supposed to be about anything but the recent nude photo scandal.

After the scandal broke, reporter and contributing editor Sam Kashner followed up with The Hunger Games actress and ended up with her first reaction on the… More »

Amber Heard Hacked Again With Nude Video Leak

Kendall Fisher | October 6, 2014 - 1:15 pm

Just two weeks after her naked pictures were stolen, Amber Heard has become the victim of yet another hacking.

Two sexy cell phone videos of the actress were leaked online early Monday morning.

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Celebrities Threaten to Sue Google for $100 Million Over Leaked Nude Photos

Michael Prieve | October 2, 2014 - 3:00 pm

Google could be facing a huge $100 million lawsuit over failing to remove links to nude celebrity photos leaked through iCloud.

Lawyer Marty Singer is representing over a dozen celebrities, according to Hollywood Reporter, and has sent a scathing letter to Google over failing to remove the sensitive content from platforms like YouTube… More »

Steve-O Challenges Nude Photo Hackers For a Good LOL

Kendall Fisher | September 23, 2014 - 4:00 pm

Okay, okay.  I know… The leaked celebrity nudes are a breach of privacy and definitely not something to joke around about.  But sometimes a bit of laughter can make a rough situation at least a little more bearable.

Enter Steve-O for some comedic relief!

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Kaley Cuoco Talks Nude Photo Hacking Scandal with Jimmy Kimmel

Michael Prieve | September 19, 2014 - 11:30 am

If all the women who were entangled in the nude photo hacking scandal took Kaley Cuoco’s approach, there would be a whole lot of funny going on in Hollywood right now.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (September 18, 2014), Cuoco told Kimmel, “I totally have Google alerts that come… More »

Jennifer Lawrence and Boyfriend Chris Martin Spotted Having a ‘Super Affectionate’ Night Out

Jess Cohen | September 12, 2014 - 3:30 pm

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin aren’t hiding their romance!

The couple was spotted getting “super affectionate” while out with friends in Los Angeles on Thursday, Sept. 11. An eyewitness saw the couple at the Chateau Marmont and told E! News, “They seem very comfortable in each other’s company—and happy!” It seems like Chris… More »

Miranda Cosgrove: How to Dress for Football Season

Kendall Fisher | September 8, 2014 - 6:00 pm

Football season has officially begun!  The first couple games kicked off last week and the very first Monday Night Football of the season launches tonight.

Now I know a lot of us ladies are big football fans, but sometimes dressing for the occasion can be a bit rough.  Like, how do you manage… More »

Leaked Celebrity Nude Photos Will Be Featured in Art Exhibit

Barbara DeFranco | September 5, 2014 - 9:30 am

Those stolen celebrity nude photos are art, according to one artist.

XVALA will include some of the photos as part of his No Delete show in Saint Petersburg, Fla. next month. … More »

Cameron Diaz Calls Nude Photo Hacking Scandal a ‘Major Violation’ While Promoting ‘Sex Tape’

Jess Cohen | September 4, 2014 - 7:45 pm

Cameron Diaz is speaking out about the nude photo scandal that’s been rocking Hollywood, calling the hacking a “major violation.”

According to the Daily Mail, Cameron was in the UK doing press for her film Sex Tape when she spoke out about the leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and many other celebrities. Coincidentally, Cameron’s… More »

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