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Read The Police Report On Justin Bieber’s Spitting Incident

From speeding to spitting, when it comes to Justin Bieber’s alleged run-ins with the law you never know what’s fact and what’s fiction.
Well, it looks like one of them may be very real, at least according to the police report.
Remember when a DJ in Columbus, Ohio accused bad boy Bieber of spitting in

Andrea Simpson / July 25, 2013

One Direction’s Harry Styles and Zayn Malik Get Kinky With Candy

Oh dear.
One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Harry Styles continued their trend of cheekily teasing those slash fanfic-writing tween fans Tuesday night in Ohio.
During their concert in Cleveland, Harry whipped out a candy thong and offered up its goodness to all four of his bandmates. Performing for thousands of young ladies must’ve left Zayn quite famished a…

Jason Marshall / June 19, 2013