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Justin Bieber Acts Like an A**hole at His Hometown Walmart

Ever since Justin Bieber sighed, slept and showed off his overly-inflated sense of self during these recently leaked depositions, the cat’s obviously out of the bag, so he just really doesn’t give a s**t about acting like a normal human being.

If fact, the norm has now become Bieber getting away with abhorrent…

By: Andrea Simpson / April 4, 2014

Justin Bieber Buys Himself a Belated Christmas Gift… a Puppy!

Justin Bieber is ready to be a devoted pet parent yet again.

After giving his hamster PAC away to a complete stranger and leaving his monkey Mally in a foreign country, maybe he’s planning on turning over a new leaf in 2014.

Well, here’s to hoping.

Because Biebs bought a…

By: Andrea Simpson / December 27, 2013