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The Funniest Celeb Pics of the Week That Will Make You LOL! 3.14.15

It's time for the funniest celeb pics of the week! Each Saturday, we bring you the most LOL-worthy photos of celebs from the past seven days. This week, we have pictures of celebs like Kylie Jenner and Lena Dunham that you have to see. Check out the gallery to see all of…
By: Jess Cohen / March 14, 2015

Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson Reprise ‘Zoolander’ Roles, Give Their Best ‘Blue Steel’ at Paris Fashion Week

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson officially announced the sequel to Zoolander by taking to the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.
By: Michael Prieve / March 10, 2015

Will Ferrell Reveals ‘Zoolander 2′ is Close to Filming, Confirms He’ll Return as Mugatu

Okay Zoolander fans, your dreams are about to come true! Zoolander 2 is on its way! One of the stars of the first film, Will Ferell, just announced that the sequel already has a script and confirmed that his Mugatu character will return! Yes! We can't wait to see…
By: Jess Cohen / September 18, 2014

Here’s a Trailer for ‘Night at the Museum 3′

Did you know they made a third Night at the Museum? Well they did! And here it comes. It's called Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and everyone's back: Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, Ben Kingsley... You know, the gang. This time…
By: Robert Kessler / July 30, 2014

Sheryl Crow is the Latest Celeb to Trash Her Exes

Maybe dating a celebrity isn't all it's cracked up to be. Grammy-winning singer Sheryl Crow, 52, recently told Good Housekeeping magazine that her famous exes made her feel "smaller."…
By: Barbara DeFranco / July 16, 2014

Get to Know the Extensive Cast of Characters in This New ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Trailer

Thus far, The Grand Budapest Hotel looks like it could be Wes Anderson's Wes Andersony-est film yet. However, the film's ensemble cast can be a little dizzying which is why the nice folks over at Fox Searchlight have provided us with this handy cast guide.
By: Robert Kessler / December 19, 2013

Wes Anderson’s Horror Movie Spoof Gets Two Thumbs Up on ‘SNL’

If acclaimed director Wes Anderson turned a quirky comedy into a quirky slasher, would you watch? Well, with a little help from host Edward Norton, Saturday Night Live decided to spoof Anderson’s signature cinematic works with a horror film set to his 2001 hit comedic drama The Royal…
By: Andrea Simpson / October 27, 2013

‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Trailer: Wes Anderson’s New Movie Looks Real Wes Anderson-y

The first trailer has just been released for Wes Anderson's upcoming The Grand Budapest Hotel. It stars Ralph Fiennes as a concierge at a famous European hotel and centers around the fight over a painting called Boy with Apple.
By: Robert Kessler / October 17, 2013

Miley Cyrus Offends More People and Other Stories You May Have Missed

Miley Cyrus Offends More People She literally cannot stop. The “Wrecking Ball” songstress has — yet again — offended another group of people with her crazy antics. Find out who she got riled up this time on Huffington Post. Kelly Osbourne’s Nails Costs HOW Much?! The Fashion Police co-host…
By: Gabrielle Chung / October 9, 2013

Ethan Hawke’s ‘The Purge’ Tops Friday Box Office With $16.7M

The weekend’s not over yet, but Ethan Hawke’s new thriller is in pretty good shape to take top spot. The Purge grossed some $16.7 million on opening day Friday, beating fellow newcomer The Internship ($6.6 million), starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
By: Peggy Truong / June 8, 2013

Ashton Kutcher, Edward Norton, Owen Wilson and Their Exes: Hollywood’s Most Unexpected Romantic Pairings (VIDEO)

Before he became “Ashton and Demi,” and long before he became “Ashton and Mila,” Ashton Kutcher was half of “Ashton and January.” As in January Jones. Before Edward Norton became happily engaged to film producer Shauna Robertson, the Moonrise Kingdom actor put a ring on Courtney Love’…
By: Peggy Truong / October 11, 2012

Cute Kid Alert! Owen Wilson Chases His Son Around the Playground (PHOTOS)

Owen Wilson is quite the dotting daddy! The Midnight in Paris star chased around his 11-month-old son Robert Ford as they played at a Santa Monica playground on Wednesday afternoon. Owen looked like a proud papa, as he watched his adorable son play and run around. The actor was joined by his ex-girlfriend…
By: / December 28, 2011

Owen Wilson Wins ‘International Star of the Year’ Award (PHOTOS)

He's got the looks, he's got the talent, and now Owen Wilson has got the award to prove that he's an international star! The Zoolander actor was awarded with Variety's "International Star of the Year" award at this year's Dubai International Film Festival on Saturday. Dressed in a casual white suit, Owen thanked his fa…
By: Gabrielle Chung / December 10, 2011

‘Happy Feet Two’ Coming To Theaters! Check Out Celeb Parents Who Voice Family Films! (PHOTOS)

It must be awesome when your mom or dad are the voices for some the world's most famous animated movie characters! Maybe the Jolie-Pitt brood could tell us. The young toddler's famous A-list parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are no strangers to showing their gorgeous faces on the big screen,…
By: / November 15, 2011

Guess Who: The Celeb Voices Behind Pixar’s Biggest Movies (PHOTOS)

Cars 2 hits theaters this weekend and expectations are high for Pixar's 12th feature film. With big name actors like Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy lending their voices to the flick, Cars 2  should be a fun ride for the whole family to enjoy. To celebrate the big opening, Celebuzz has put together a…
By: / June 25, 2011

Box Office Battle: ‘Bad Teacher’ vs. ‘Cars 2′ — Which Will You See? (POLL)

Buckle up and get in the fast lane because this weekend two new movies are sure to make for quite the race to the big screen! First up is Cars 2. The animated film hits the box office this weekend and features the voices of Owen Wilson, comedian Larry the Cable Guy, and legendary actor Michael…
By: / June 24, 2011

Box Office Battle: ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4′ vs. ‘Midnight in Paris’ — Which Will You See?

While no one was completely surprised that Thor remained at the top of last week's box office, Bridesmaids did managed to hold its own and exceed expectations blowing away its direct competition, Priest. We hate to say it, but we have a feeling that this weekend won't hold any shockers competition-wise. Woody Allen's Midnight i…
By: Amanda Hasaka / May 20, 2011

Cars 2 Trailer Puts the Pedal to the Metal (VIDEO)

Start your engines! Disney and Pixar are back with Cars 2, and this time they've got the need for speed!  The follow-up to the popular 2006 release reunites Owen Wilson, and Larry the Cable Guy, along with Cheech Marin and Bonnie Hunt. The gang has a new mission as Owen's character (street racer Lighting McQueen) to compete…
By: Wes Ferguson / May 16, 2011

Rachel McAdams & Owen Wilson Match Perfectly for ‘Midnight in Paris’ Photocall (PHOTOS)

Amid rumors that she's engaged to her beau Michael Sheen, there was only a right-hand ring on Rachel McAdams' finger when she stepped out alongside her costar Owen Wilson for the Midnight in Paris photo call during the Cannes Film Festival.  Rachel wore a stunning curve-hugging white dress with floral accents to match…
By: / May 11, 2011
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