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‘Community’ Saved, Heading to Yahoo for Sixth Season This Fall

Community fans, it’s time to celebrate.

Sony Pictures TV announced on Monday that the beloved show will be back for a sixth season this fall — on Yahoo.

Peggy Truong |

The Doctors Are In… The Mood For Love

Multitalented Mindy Kaling brings many complicated romantic scenarios into her FOX comedy, The Mindy Project. And while much of what she brings to the screen is taken from her own life, the actress and producer is actually pretty transparent about her own lack of romantic experience.

“I’ve only had like three boyfriends in my…

Joel David |

‘Mindy Project’ Cast Names Their Dream Love Interests

FOX’s The Mindy Project isn’t just about three borderline insane doctors who find themselves in hilarious situations. Deep down it’s about love, right?

And with the news of Chloe Sevigny guest starring as Danny’s (Chris Messina) ex-wife, Celebuzz found out who the rest of the actors would cast as their love interests on the show.


Joel David |

What Can Fans Expect From ‘New Girl’?

It was more like a laugh fest at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills as the cast and producers of FOX’s New Girl took over PaleyFest. The panel consisted of inside jokes, awkward moonwalks, poking fun at one another and quirky moments from the beloved Zooey Deschanel and creator Elizabeth Meriwether as they had the whole…

Liz Calvario |

9 Things To Expect On The CW’s ‘Arrow’

The cast and producers of The CW’s Arrow descended on PaleyFest at Beverly Hills’ Saban Theater on Saturday night.

The cast, who have yet to film the season finale flew out from Vancouver, was joined by executive producers Greg Berlanti, March Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg.

Onscreen golden boy himself, series star…

Dio Anthony |

6 Things To Expect From ‘The Walking Dead’

Love, redemption and coming of age. Those were just a few of the things that the cast and producers of AMC’s The Walking Dead teased during the red carpet for its recent PaleyFest 2013 appearance at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Here are six things to expect from the AMC series.

Joel David |

Mindy Kaling On Her FOX Show, A Second Book And ‘The Office’ Finale

Surprisingly, the best quote from the panel discussion at the Paleyfest event for FOX’s breakout comedy hit, The Mindy Project, isn’t a joke. The show’s creator, executive producer, writer and star Mindy Kaling explains why she doesn’t get a lot of sleep:

“The thing is that when you’re literally living your life’s dream you don’t want…

Joel David |

‘Parenthood’ Cast Talks Makeups, Cancer, Adoption And A Season 5?

To say that Parenthood tugs at the heartstrings would be a big understatement. The NBC show known for making their audience weep with the characters had the PaleyFest handing out tissues to the audience last night at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. The large panel, which consisted of the cast and creator, took the time to…

Laide Akao |

Jeff’s Dad, Puppets And 5-Year Seniors

Despite a four-month delay, a time slot change and the loss of the series creator, NBC’s Community shows no signs of slowing down storywise.

Community entered its fourth season celebrating… literally. With numerous holiday episodes airing in February and March instead of their intended October and November air dates, the timing might be…

Jennah Blau |

Rick And Merle Undergo Emotional Shifts On ‘The Walking Dead’

AMC’s The Walking Dead brought fans and press to Paleyfest 2013 and spilled some hints as to what will happen on Sunday’s episode.

Last Sunday’s episode did spectacularly in the ratings. Even the Oscars couldn’t keep TWD from being the highest rated non-awards ceremony program on television.

Judging from the scoop shared during…

Joel David |

‘Suburgatory’s’ Ana Gasteyer Talks Shay Family Secrets, Reuniting With ‘SNL’s’ Rachel Dratch

When ABC’s Suburgatory returns for its second season, it’s fall again. And that’s usually quite a festive time for the Shay family as they relish their time on-state at Chatswin’s talent show, The Fall Follies. But, a shadow has been cast on the family this time around.

“That’s where we pick up, in…

Jethro Nededog |

‘Partners’ Stars Sophia Bush and Michael Urie Talk Their New Characters Vs. Old Favorites

When CBS premieres its new half-hour comedy, Partners, on Monday night, you may notice some of the actors from a pair of your old favorite TV shows, One Tree Hill and Ugly Betty.

Sophia Bush and Michael Urie star in this hilarious new buddy comedy also featuring David Krumholtz and Brandon Routh. Partners

Lauren DiMascio |

‘Malibu Country’s’ Reba McEntire Offers ‘Open Invitation’ to Kelly Clarkson to Guest on the ABC Comedy (VIDEO)

Hold onto your Stetsons, country music fans! Reba McEntire is returning to her sitcom roots with ABC’s Malibu Country this fall, and yes, of course she plans to sing on the show.

Mirroring the Reba show in premise, this four-camera comedy comes at a time when showrunner Kevin Abbott thinks the genre is…

Celebuzz |

ABC’s ‘The Neighbors,’ ‘Malibu Country’ at PaleyFest: Highlights From the Panel

Fall 2012 sees two new half-hour comedies coming to ABC. The Neighbors focuses on observational humor to show the differences between families — one human and one alien — in a suburban gated community. Malibu Country, on the other hand, is a more traditional sitcom centering on Reba McEntire as a woman who moves her…

Jethro Nededog |

‘Scandal’ Cast and Creators Talk Season 2 Scoop at Paleyfest

ABC’s Scandal will draw you in hook, line and sinker. If you think we’re lying, we’re not. Even the cast is obsessed with it.

The ensemble show created by Shonda Rhimes is an addictive drama about a crisis management team (“gladiators in suits”) who can fix any scandal that comes their way. While…

Lauren DiMascio |

FOX’s ‘The Mindy Project,’ ‘Ben and Kate,’ ‘The Mob Doctor’ at PaleyFest: Highlights From the Panel

This season, FOX is bringing three new shows to their already impressive primetime television roster.

Set to give you the laughs on Tuesday nights are The Mindy Project and Ben and Kate, which team up with network faves, New Girl and Raising Hope for a block of comedy fun.

And you…

Lauren DiMascio |

‘Arrow’ at Paleyfest: Star Stephen Amell, Producers on Show’s Complicated Character, Stunts and Love Life

The CW’s Arrow is ready to aim. Taking a realistic approach to the fabled DC comic book character, The Green Arrow,  the show uses its dark and intense tone to let you know that this hero isn’t really a superhero at all. He’s just seeking justice. After all, he has no powers.


Lauren DiMascio |

‘Partners’ Cast and Creators Talk Friendship and Controversy: 5 Highlights From PaleyFest

CBS’ new buddy comedy Partners is all about relationships. Whether it be the relationship with your best friend, your significant other or your best friend’s significant other, the show finds the humor in the ins and outs of what happens when two of the most important people in your life interact.

Based on…

Lauren DiMascio |

‘The New Normal’ EP on Show Being Pulled in Utah: ‘We’re in Good Company’

Even before the general public saw NBC’s new fall comedy, The New Normal, it was plagued (or blessed if you believe that all publicity is good publicity) with controversy.

Though during the Paley Center preview panel for the series in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, series co-creator and executive producer Dante Di Loreto addressed…

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