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WATCH: Channing Tatum Takes Off His Pants After Backflipping Out of a Helicopter

What happens when you add some extreme stunts and the great outdoors to the Magic Mike sequel? You basically get Channing Tatum on Running Wild With Bear Grylls.
By: Kendall Fisher / August 7, 2014

PHOTO GALLERY: Lady Gaga: Pantless and Perfect

What's this? Lady GaGa going for the sexy porter look? The "Poker Face" singer showed off her sans-culottes chic at the La Tremoille hotel in Paris on Thursday, wowing her adoring fans with her flawless (and pantless ) fashion sense. In return for their loyalty, GaGa tossed a bouquet of flowers to her…
By: Celebuzz / September 10, 2009

Lady GaGa. Pantsless. Again.

Oh, hey there Lady GaGa. The ever-changing singer, real name Stefani Joanne Germanotta, sported a black leotard and blonde wig as she arrived at her hotel in London on Sunday night. She also rocked some drawn-on eyebrows and a super-confused look on her face. Earlier in the evening, the singer performed at Heave…
By: Celebuzz / July 6, 2009

Lady Gaga: Ridiculous, As Always

It's all getting a little bit old, no? Here's Lady GaGa looking all sorts of ridiculous as she visits a radio station for an interview in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday. There's the white leather one-piece bathing suit, futuristic glasses, the fishnets, the shoes, red lipstick—it just goes on... Zoom in o…
By: Celebuzz / May 22, 2009

Lady Gaga: Moon Over the House of Blues

The national butt overexposure crisis continued on Tuesday night, with Lady Gaga revealing a whole lotta something at the House of Blues in Chicago where she played an energy-filled sold-out show. In a rave review of the concert, the Chicago Sun-Times noted: "Lady Gaga had no qualms about going sans pants." Yes, we…
By: Betsy Waldman / March 25, 2009

GaGa Says ‘No, No’ to Playboy

Lady GaGa is one perplexing musical diva. For almost a month now, the 22-year-old singer—born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta—has been on a total campaign of pantlessness. It's like she's allergic to pants. Or like pants killed her childhood pet or something. And she hasn't been shy about…
By: Betsy Waldman / February 27, 2009

Lady GaGa: But Does She Take Dictation?

Lady GaGa, 22, sported her latest trend—Psycho Secretary chic—while out in Paris with a friend yesterday.The "Poker Face" singer sported Coke-bottle glasses and a string of proper pearls.Of course, the ever-fashionable chanteuse had on a nude leotard under her blazer (in case you weren't already aware, she hates pants) and a bow made…
By: Betsy Waldman / February 25, 2009