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Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed’s Newest Addition to Their Family

Beautiful couple (and animal lovers) Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have adopted another pet! Ian posted a very cute and loving photo of the couple with new cat Sohalia on his Instagram.
By: Kaitlyn Laurie / November 3, 2014

Celebrities and Their Pets

Move over Miley Cyrus, it's time for Bubba Sue to shine! From social media to red carpet events, celebrity pets are slowly taking over the world.
By: Serina Mehrian / October 10, 2014

Paris Hilton’s Devastatingly Cute $13K Puppy Leads This Weekend’s Star Sightings

Last month, Paris Hilton dropped $13,000 on the cutest - and smallest! - teacup Pomeranian that money can buy. The Dog Presently Known as Prince (he was initially named Mr. Amazing) graced the world with his tiny presence as Paris toted him along for a massage and tacos in West Hollywood.
By: Mindy Lee / October 5, 2014

Paris Hilton Spent $13,000 on a Disgustingly Cute New Dog

Noted DJ, Subway sandwich eater, and unicorn lover Paris Hilton just dropped an insane amount of money on what may be the world's cutest dog.
By: Matt Russoniello / September 12, 2014

Britney Spears Spent $30,000 On Her Dogs in 2013

They say dogs are a man's (or woman's) best friend... But does being your best friend justify spending over $30,000 on them?! Well in Britney Spears' case, it does indeed.
By: Kendall Fisher / September 2, 2014

Too Bad You and Your Unpleasant Demeanor Are Endangered, Corgis

It was revealed that the Pembroke Welsh corgi is at risk of becoming "vulernable," according to Britain's Kennel Club. Today reports that Queen Elizabeth's favorite breed is on the endangered list for the first time ever, with only 239 currently registered.  The organization does not expect that number to exceed…
By: Kelly Lynch / November 7, 2013

Almost Time? Will And Kate Leave Bucklebury For London

While everyone is on edge waiting for the Duchess of Cambridge to go into labor, The Sun thought it would have a laugh by sending Will and Kate lookalikes down to St. Mary's Lindo Wing today. PS- No one was amused. Meanwhile, a few outlets are reporting that the Duke and Duchess have…
By: Kelly Lynch / July 19, 2013

Cute Alert: Ashley Greene Rescues Two Adorable Puppies

Ashley Greene just introduced the world to two new members of her family -- an adorable set of puppy siblings! The 26-year-old Twilight star tweeted a sweet pic of the baby pooches on Thursday, along with the message, "Today felt like a great day to rescue a puppy... Or two! I…
By: Alana Altmann / June 28, 2013