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Here Is Your Definitive Guide to Picking Out a Pumpkin This Halloween

By: Robert Kessler / October 15, 2013

Phoebe Price Channels Slave Leia

By: tracimac / July 27, 2010

Phoebe Price loves to make a scene. While an outfit like this isn’t a huge detour from her everyday fair, Price rocked the Leia slave outfit quite well at this year’s Comic-Con.
Check out Price in all her Star Wars glory. And for more fantastical fashion check out our coverage at Fashion FAILs &More »

Fashion FAIL: Phoebe Price

By: tracimac / May 11, 2010

Phoebe Price is running out of things to drape, tack and adorn herself with, you guys. Because a wildly colored dress, heavy metal belt, refurbished Yankee Doodle fedora and tiny dog just aren’t enough these days, Pheobs would like to introduce the latest and greatest in celebrity accessory fashion, automotive accessories. Yes, it’s now cool… More »

Phoebe Price Bikinis Herself Silly

By: tracimac / May 10, 2010

Fashion FAIL: Phoebe Price in LA

By: Regan Stephens / April 22, 2010

Phoebe Price was seen frolicking around Beverly Hills yesterday in a wardrobe built of black, which seems like a first for the generally boldly colored, self-proclaimed fashionista. However, she managed to create a monstrosity of even the most neutral of colors. She sure knows how to pile it on.
Click through the gallery to… More »

Celebs Who Need Their Own Reality Shows

By: Betsy Waldman / November 18, 2008

Forget about Dina, Denise, and Pam. Did anyone really want to watch these train-wrecks get more exposure on network television?

Instead of focusing on these has-beens or has-nevers, switch it up a bit! There are plenty of other interesting celebrities whose lives the public would love to have a peek inside. More »

Top 10 Paparazzi Lovers

By: Betsy Waldman / October 11, 2008

When you’re a celebrity, there’s no avoiding being hounded by hundreds of photographers on a daily basis. It comes with the territory of being rich, photogenic and famous.

Some stars hate the attention, while others bask in it. Some even go so far as to notify paparazzi of their daily whereabouts, and other… More »