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Nicki Minaj Loses Her Shirt in the Music Video for ‘Pills N Potions’

Between both Nicki Minaj and The Game, there is a severe lack of shirts in the music video for “Pills N Potions,” which also co-stars a Pez dispenser and a dancing taxidermied rabbit. …

Robert Kessler |

Listen to Nicki Minaj’s New Single ‘Pills N Potions’

As the release of The Pink Print comes ever closer, Nicki Minaj has released her first official single off the album called “Pills N Potions.” While everything else she’s released so far—”Lookin Ass,” “Yasss Bish“—has suggested Minaj is going hard on this album, “Pills N Potions” shows off a notably softer side of Minaj’s many…

Robert Kessler |