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In Honor of ‘Pitch Perfect 2,’ Here Are the Best GIFs from ‘Pitch Perfect’

Pitch Perfect 2 comes out in theaters today (May 15, 2015)! In honor of the aca-awesome sequel, relive the first spectacular film through the best GIFs.

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / May 15, 2015

‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Star Adam DeVine Talks His Love for Ryan Gosling, Rebel Wilson and Clay Matthews’ Biceps

Calling all Awesome Nerds! As if we didn’t already aca-adore Adam DeVine (A.K.A. Bumper) enough, he’s now admitting his love for two people near and dear to our hearts: Rebel Wilson and Ryan Gosling.

By: Kendall Fisher / May 14, 2015

WATCH: The Honest Trailer for ‘Pitch Perfect’ Is Aca-Hilarious

We already had the laughs going from Pitch Perfect and the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2, but we have to give it up for the “honest” trailer’s hilarious take on what the franchise is really about…

By: Kendall Fisher / May 13, 2015

#WCW: 10 Times Brittany Snow Was ‘Pitch Perfect’ on Instagram

Brittany Snow is all kinds of adorable on Instagram. Check out the 10 posts prove she’s the cutest Woman Crush Wednesday of all time! …

By: Jess Cohen / May 13, 2015

WATCH: The Latest Aca-Awesome ‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Trailer

There’s a new Pitch Perfect 2 trailer out, and here we see the Bardon Bellas embrace their status as underdogs at the acapella world championships, Becca (Anna Kendrick) and Jesse (Skylar Astin) make out, and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) is once again our hero.

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / April 17, 2015

‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Trailer: The Barden Bellas Take on Beyonce, Miley Cyrus

Prepare for more aca-awesomeness!

Another trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel to 2012’s Pitch Perfect has been released — and this time, the likes of Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are taking on music’s biggest divas.

By: Gabrielle Chung / February 10, 2015

‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Poster Revealed with Stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson & Brittany Snow

The first poster for Pitch Perfect 2 is here!

The highly-aniticapted sequel to the 2012 a cappella movie, Pitch Perfect, won’t hit theaters until May, but now we have the first poster to get us even more excited! Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow are all back for the second movie, and we can’t…

By: Jess Cohen / November 19, 2014

Miss New York Kira Kazantsev Channels Anna Kendrick with Red Cup Performance to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’

There were many memorable moments from the Miss America competition last night. One that definitely stood out though was the performance from Miss New York aka Kira Kazantsev!

For her talent, Kira did a performance using a red cup, channeling Anna Kendrick‘s character from Pitch Perfect. While she did her red cup performance,…

By: Jess Cohen / September 15, 2014

The Cast of ‘Pitch Perfect’ Is Recording a Holiday Album

Aca-sure, why not? The cast of Pitch Perfect is apparently working on a holiday album, co-star Hana Mae Lee revealed Sunday to MTV. Like her character, Lilly, Lee was pretty mute on a release date; however she did say she’ll be singing “Silent Night” and that she’s “pretty sure it’s going to be all a…

By: / August 14, 2013

Anna Kendrick’s ‘Cups’ Is Now a Top 10 Hit

In a strange twist of events, “Cups,” the song that Anna Kendrick sang so effortlessly in the movie Pitch Perfect, reached the top 10 this week on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s a strange twist only because Pitch Perfect opened in theaters about 10 months ago. Why it took so long for the song to catch o…

By: / July 11, 2013

‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Rebel Wilson to Host the 2013 MTV Movie Awards (VIDEO)

The MTV Movie Awards just got a little funnier.

Pitch Perfect actress Rebel Wilson has been chosen to emcee the April 14 ceremony. And while the show is still months away, the comedienne is already bringing on the laughs.

During Thursday night’s Jersey Shore series finale, viewers got a sneak peek…

By: Laura Franco / December 21, 2012

Colin Farrell’s ‘Total Recall,’ Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Killer Joe’ and Spike Lee’s ‘Red Hook Summer’ Hit HD (VIDEO)

As Christmas Day rapidly approaches, the studios race to make high-profile titles available for consumers so, if nothing else, they have some stuff to watch while all of the stores are closed. But this week offers a selection of titles which, unfortunately, aren’t altogether great gift ideas, if only because watching most of them once…

By: Todd Gilchrist / December 18, 2012

Buzz at the Box Office: ‘Taken 2’ Finds and Kills Audience, ‘Frankenweenie’ Fizzles

No matter how mixed critics were about the follow-up to the 2009 left-field blockbuster Taken, audiences responded unanimously: They want to see Liam Neeson mess people up in foreign countries.

Taken 2 scored only a 19 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but the film took in a weekend haul of $49.5 million,…

By: Todd Gilchrist / October 8, 2012

‘Pitch Perfect’ Character Guide: Meet Bumper (VIDEO)

The hit comedy Pitch Perfect is finally in theaters today!

Before you go, get to know Workaholics star Adam Devine’s character, Bumper. He is the ringleader of the Treblemakers and is out for Bella blood!

What did Adam have to say about Bumper?

By: Taryn Ryder / October 5, 2012

‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Anna Kendrick Responds to Claims That New Film Mocks ‘Twilight’ (VIDEO)

Does Pitch Perfect have a Twilight connection?

After a blog made the very large stretch that the new a capella film was essentially mocking the successful vampire franchise, a few fans believed it might be true.

When we sat down with stars Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow to discuss Pitch Perfect, we…

By: Celebuzz / October 2, 2012

‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Rebel Wilson Sings Lady Gaga’s ‘Edge of Glory’ With Bryan Cranston on ‘Tonight Show’ (VIDEO)

How did Rebel Wilson snag the role of Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect? With a little help from Lady Gaga, of course!

The Australian actress put on quite the show for Tonight Show host Jay Leno and Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston Monday night. When asked if she had to sing during her…

By: Crystal Bell / October 2, 2012

‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Rebel Wilson to Elizabeth Banks: Put Me in ‘Hunger Games’ (VIDEO)

Rebel Wilson stars in the upcoming comedy Pitch Perfect, and the Australian native delivers another amazing comedic performance. However, it seems she gets into just as much hilarious trouble off screen, too!

Fresh off the success of Bridesmaids, Wilson revealed that she really is living with her onscreen roommate Matt Lucas in West…

By: Celebuzz / October 1, 2012

Buzz at the Box Office: Mania for ‘Transylvania’, Love for ‘Looper’

Halloween fever started early this year as Adam Sandler’s Hotel Transylvania shot to the top of the box office over the weekend.

Scaring up solid opening-weekend grosses of $34 million, the film more than doubled the returns of its next-highest competition.

That said, Rian Johnson’s Looper , which stars Bruce Willis,…

By: Todd Gilchrist / October 1, 2012

‘Pitch Perfect’ vs. ‘Looper’: Box Office Battle (POLL)

Whether you’re into musicals or noirs, cinemas this weekend has got it all as contenders Pitch Perfect and Looper go head-to-head for box office supremecy.

Though one’s a feel-good flick while another is a psychological thriller, both deal with their main characters being haunted by their past.

How? Celebuzz is breaking

By: Gabrielle Chung / September 28, 2012

‘Pitch Perfect’s’ Elizabeth Banks Slams Deadline’s Nikki Finke for Writing ‘Beautiful Actresses Are Not Funny’

Elizabeth Banks has a bone to pick with Nikki Finke after the Deadline editor-in-chief complained about Modern Family star Julie Bowen’s win for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards.

“Beautiful actresses are not funny. They don’t know how to do comedy,” Finke wrote on Sunday night, adding…

By: Peggy Truong / September 27, 2012
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