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Doughnut Squad: 13 Stars Who’ve Played Cops On Screen

It’s about time we gave some recognition to Hollywood’s finest — as in, those who’ve joined the police force in movies and television programs.

One of our most beloved Hollywood hunks, Mark Wahlberg, has portrayed a member of the law enforcement quite frequently. At this point, whenever a new Wahlberg film…

Taylor Rock |

Kim Kardashian Did Not Break the Law, Find Out Real Reason Why She Got Pulled Over

While the Kardashians aren’t exactly the best drivers in the world–Kylie Jenner got pulled over twice in one day–it turns out Kim Kardashian may not be as bad as we think.

Photos were released today showing the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star pulled over in her Mercedes SUV on the side of…

Kendall Fisher |

Selena Gomez’s Housewarming Gift Is a Creepy Trespasser

Selena Gomez got a warm welcome to her new neighborhood courtesy of a trespasser Sunday night.

Now it seems she has even more in common with her bestie Taylor Swift than just good pipes, fabulous hair and a love-hate relationship with Justin Bieber.

Andrea Simpson |

Zac Efron Resurfaces After Bizarre Bodyguard Brawl

Zac Efron has finally come out of hiding since his car allegedly ran out of gas near L.A.’s sketchy Skid Row on his way to a late night sushi dinner and he got into a random fight with his bodyguard fending off some crazy homeless people.

Andrea Simpson |

Michael Lohan’s Latest Domestic Dispute Allegedly Involved a Knife and the Cops — Read the Police Report

Michael Lohan and Kate Major aren’t taking home any parent of the year awards anytime soon.

Case in point, another day, another domestic disturbance between Lindsay Lohan’s dad and his baby mama.

Andrea Simpson |

Police Hunt Underway for Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Heroin Dealer

It’s been 24 hours since Philip Seymour Hoffman was tragically found dead in his bathroom after an apparent drug overdose and already the NYPD is vigorously searching for the troubled actor’s drug dealer.

Police are stepping up efforts after nearly 70 glassine envelopes of heroin were found in his Greenwich Village apartment, according…

Andrea Simpson |

Lindsay Lohan’s Not Being Investigated In Barron Hilton’s Bizarre Alleged Assault, Say Police

The events surrounding Barron Hilton’s alleged assault just keep getting weirder.

Despite reports Ray Lemoine threw the punches and an arrest should be made soon, police have no suspect and Lindsay Lohan is not part of any investigation, Miami police tell Celebuzz.

Andrea Simpson |

Joe Giudice Gets Pulled Over by Police in His Maserati

Another day, more legal woes for the Giudices.

After getting slapped with two new counts of fraud by the feds, Teresa’s other half Joe just got slapped with two tickets by New Jersey police.

It all went down on Tuesday when the Housewives star was pulled over in Montville… get this……

Andrea Simpson |

Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Arrested for Assault

First, it was Chris Brown’s bodyguard. Now, it’s Justin Bieber’s own security who may be taking the whole protecting a pop star thing a little too far.

And getting arrested for it.

Andrea Simpson |

The People of Rio to Justin Bieber: “Our Area, Our Laws”

Word to the wise, Justin Bieber shouldn’t show his pretty face in Brazil any time soon.

After the brothel debacle, creepy video circulating of the pop star sound asleep and possible vandalism charges… now there’s this.

The people of Rio are taking their city back from the Canadian crooner after he…

Andrea Simpson |

Read Camille Grammer’s Restraining Order Against Her Boyfriend: “I Began to Believe He Would Kill Me”

Camille Grammer filed a restraining order against her longtime boyfriend after he allegedly beat her in their hotel room.

And her account of the incident is nothing less than terrifying.

Andrea Simpson |

Rihanna’s Neighbors Are “Happy to Have Our Privacy Back”

Goodbye LA, hello NYC.

Rihanna is ready to leave the burglars behind by heading 2,800 miles away to the Big Apple.

And her neighbors on the posh Pacific Palisades street, which has been inundated with attempted break-ins at the pop star’s $12 million property since she moved in last year, are…

Andrea Simpson |

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend Gets Tasered (And Throws Up) During His DUI Arrest

After Teen Mom Jenelle Evans candidly admitted to police officers that she and her boyfriend were only trying to have sex when they were pulled over for driving erratically, that wasn’t the only thing that went a bit haywire.

Before Nathan Griffith was cited for a DUI on Sept. 7, Evans’ boyfriend was tasered…

Andrea Simpson |

Kristin Cavallari Posts $150 Bail In Chicago For Invalid Driver’s License

UPDATE 2:51 PST: Celebuzz got to the bottom of Kristin’s ticket mystery. According to Commander Jay Parrot with the Evanston Police Department, Cavallari was stopped for speeding and was NOT arrested. Far from it, he said.

“She posted bond because she has a California driver’s license which is not part of the Interstate Driver’s…

Andrea Simpson |

Police To Get Mel Gibson Tapes for Evidence

The infamous audio tapes that allegedly feature a crazed Mel Gibson threatening Oksana Grigorieva with a baseball bat and slinging the ‘n word’ over and over will be given to Los Angeles police this week as evidence in the filmmaker’s domestic violence investigation.
A spokesperson for the LA Sheriff’s Department said, “We are supposed to be…

Celebuzz |

Heidi Montag Calls the Cops on Her Own Mom

We’re guessing there weren’t a whole lot of warm, fuzzy feelings among Heidi Montag’s family this Mother’s Day.
In an apparent ongoing bid to become the worst human being in the world, ever, radically reconstructed Hills villainess Montag called the police on her mother, Darlene Egelhoff, on Thursday after Egelhoff had the audacity to…

Celebuzz |

Lindsay Lohan Cries About Her Phone, Forgets Her Bra While Doing So

We’ve definitely been missing Lindsay Lohan’s ridiculous antics, and yesterday in NYC she definitely didn’t disappoint.
TMZ reports that Lindsay and a few pals were chilling at Mott Corner Deli, and upon exiting, the Machete star realized she had left her phone inside the restaurant. When she returned to collect her beloved phone, the…

Celebuzz |

VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Talks Kate and the Cops

Listen up, peeps. Jon Gosselin wants you to know the truth about last night’s fight with his ex-wifey Kate!
Last night, cops were called to their Reading, Pennsylvania, home after Kate tried to enter the premises and Jon denied her access!
Jon spoke to Splash News earlier this morning, explaining, “She tried to…

Celebuzz |

Jon and Kate Plus The Cops

Could Jon Gosselin be a little pissed about Kate’s comments made about him on talk shows earlier this week?
Looks that way! Last last night, police were called to the Gosselin home after a disturbance was reported inside the home.
Radar is reporting that Kate arrived on the property and demanded to be…

Betsy Waldman |

Michael Jackson’s Autopsy Results Sealed by Police

We’ll all have to wait a little longer to find out what killed Michael Jackson.
People magazine reports that the Los Angeles Police Department has put a security hold on Jackson’s autopsy report—which has been completed—until they can complete their own investigation.
“The LAPD has requested that the Jackson autopsy findings regarding the…

Celebuzz |
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