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Has Kim Kardashian Picked Out a Surrogate for Baby No. 2?

It’s that time of the week again when the celebrity weeklies hit the newsstands. To separate what’s real and rumor, we turned to our friends at Gossip Cop for the 411 on this week’s most controversial stories.

Celebuzz / May 31, 2015

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi’s Christmas Card is Inspired by Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2′ Music Video

Ellen DeGeneres debuted her and Portia de Rossi’s Christmas card on her show and it’s beautiful. The card is inspired by Kanye West’s music video for “Bound 2,” Ellen plays Kanye and Portia is Kim Kardashian.

Robert Kessler / December 9, 2013

Ellen DeGeneres Gives You The ‘Friends’ Mini-Reunion You’ve Been Waiting For

NBC may not know what you want, but Ellen DeGeneres does. Unfortunately, just because they played friends on television doesn’t mean the cast of Friends is friends in real life, as Jennifer Aniston finds out in this clip.
On the show, Aniston also talks about the possibilty of an actual Friends reunion, and whether or not…

Robert Kessler / May 22, 2013

First Trailer for ‘Arrested Development’ Season Four Starts ‘Final Countdown’

Operation Hot Mother is a go. With less than two weeks before Arrested Development’s long-awaited fourth season, a trailer has been released. It features everything an AD fan could want: Michael, GOB, Lindsey, George Michael, Lucille, Tobias, George, Maeby and Buster. Plus an ostrich, a vulture, magic tricks illusions and Buster’s good old hook.
This season pick…

Robert Kessler / May 13, 2013

No Same-Sex Couple for ‘Dancing With the Stars’

After toying with the idea of including a same-sex couple on the next season of Dancing With the Stars, ABC has abandoned the notion, PopEater’s Rob Shuter reports.
A source within the network tells Shuter that the plan fell through after Ellen DeGeneres’ wife Portia de Rossi turned down an offer to appear on the…

Celebuzz / December 6, 2010

Portia de Rossi Takes Ellen’s Name

Portia de Rossi has officially taken wife Ellen DeGeneres’ last name.
The Arrested Development star changed her last name in a private hearing on Thursday. Portia married Ellen in a star-studded ceremony in 2008. The pair married during the five months when same-sex marriage was legal in California.
The 37-year-old blonde beauty announced that she…

/ September 24, 2010

BUZZINGS: Kate Gosselin Headed to the Emmys

This year’s Emmys will be extra-special thanks to Kate Gosselin’s divine presence. (PopEater)
Heidi Montag trashes Spencer Pratt in her new song. How could she?!? (Hollywood Life)
Jennifer Aniston is granted a restraining order. No, not against Angelina Jolie. (Huffington Post)
Portia de Rossi is taking Ellen DeGeneres’ last name. (Dlisted)
Jennifer Lopez crushe…

/ August 9, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres Celebrates Her 51st with Portia

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi enjoyed an evening together at the Chateau Marmont hotel last night to celebrate the talk show hostess’ 51st birthday!
Eleven-time Emmy winner and makeup spokesface Ellen found out that she shares the same birthday as her 87-year-old fan Junebug Borden of Land O’Lakes, WI. So she took

Celebuzz / January 27, 2009

Portia de Rossi: “Marriage Changed Me”

Portia de Rossi says her development has been anything but arrested since marrying comedienne/talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres in August.
The 35-year-old Australian actress (born Amanda Lee Rogers) tells People magazine that the couple’s marriage has “completely changed my life.” 
Though the couple has been together since 2004, de Rossi says that it’s an entirely different…

Celebuzz / January 17, 2009

Mariah Carey Says No to Ellen’s Champagne Room

Don’t let the disarming dance moves fool you; if Ellen DeGeneres wants her news, she’ll get her news.
Ask unassuming Mariah Carey, who stopped by Mrs. Portia de Rossi’s couch Tuesday for a chat.  Despite her casual vibe, DeGeneres tried her luck at confirming rumors that 38-year-old Carey is pregnant with husband Nick Cannon’s child.

Celebuzz / November 26, 2008

Morning Buzz: Ellen DeGeneres ‘Saddened’ by Gay Marriage Ban

MSNBC reports that Ellen DeGeneres has released a statement to the Associated Press saying that she is “saddened beyond belief” by the passing of Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment in California banning gay marriage. DeGeneres says that she “like millions of Americans, felt like we had taken a giant step toward equality” by electing Barack

Celebuzz / November 6, 2008

Ellen DeGeneres: Softened By Marriage

Newlywed Ellen DeGeneres is basking in the glow of her honeymoon phase. Since marrying Portia De Rossi in August, the talk show hostess has gotten in touch with her gentler side. 
“My heart just feels a little bit different, softer and somehow more in love,” People reports the comedienne saying in an interview promoting message…

Betsy Waldman / September 29, 2008

Portia de Rossi’s Days Are Numbered

Now that her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres is nice and legal and the two are even talking about having kids together, Portia de Rossi is taking Ellen’s surname, Star magazine reports.
An insider tells the magazine that the former Arrested Development actress plans to legally change her name to Portia DeGeneres.
The source…

Betsy Waldman / September 19, 2008

Small World: Ellen, Portia, Gavin and Kingston

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi ran into some special someones on the beach in Malibu.
Gavin and Kingston Rossdale!
It’s one of those random celebrity meetings that thrill and inspire!
Ellen and Portia were recently married in a lovely ceremony.
And Gavin is the proud father of Zuma, his second son and Kingston’s new little…

Celebuzz / September 2, 2008

Simply Tabulous #9: This Week in the Celeb Press

Between UsOK!, PeopleStarLife & Style and InTouch, it’s hard catching up with all the celebrity magazines out there.

That’s why the Internet is here—to sift through the clutter and deliver the dish.
One of Hollywood’s leading lesbian couples finally tied the knot, while Brangelina and Tomkat were having marital problems. There was happier news for Britney Spears,…

Celebuzz / August 28, 2008

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi Do Baby Talk

Some lesbian couples are causing raised eyebrows these days, while newlyweds Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi have been embraced with open arms by the public and the media.
So are there kids in the blonde duo’s future?
“We go back and forth,” Portia tells People. “I don’t know if it’s our immediate future. It&#8217…

Celebuzz / August 21, 2008

Ellen DeGeneres Sets John Stamos Straight

Ellen DeGeneres got married at the Los Angeles home she shares with her now-wife, actress Portia DeRossi, over the weekend.
On the website for her talk show, DeGeneres joked about the nuptials in curly script and expressed her regrets to a certain Full House star.
“I had a big weekend,” Ellen wrote. “I got married…

Celebuzz / August 20, 2008

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres Tie Gay Knot

Happy couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, together since 2005, embraced their love, and the new same-sex marriage law, and were wed Saturday evening at their Beverly Hills estate.
With friends and family in an intimate ceremony of 30, the sacred union was finally made legal at 6:30 p.m. in a balmy August breeze.

Celebuzz / August 17, 2008

Cute Looks vs. Huh? Looks

Hollywood was a-buzzin’ all week long, with Madonna’s marriage scandal, Michael Lohan’s secret love child and the second “delivery” of Angie’s twins.
With so much drama, the public (though not so much the paparazzi) may have forgotten to keep their eyes peeled for the everyday joys and pains of celebrity outfits
But no worries! Nothing…

Celebuzz / July 6, 2008