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Queen Britney Spears And That Thin, Unhappy Spanish Princess Hang Out

Even though Spain’s royal family isn’t having the best summer ever, they bucked up and welcomed the King and Queen of the Netherlands for a day trip.

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Queen Maxima Of The Netherlands Has Really Awesome Hair

Today, the newly crowned king and queen of the Netherlands paid a visit to the country’s Groningen and Drenthe provinces, with Queen Maxima showing off the blond equivalent of Kate Middleton’s hair.  It’s gorgeous, it’s thick, it’s lustrous and it looks magnificent under a tiara.

Maxima, who is originally from Argentina, carried on…

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Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Leads The Tiara Parade

Last Tuesday, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands followed in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother by abdicating the throne.  This practice isn’t unheard of, but it certainly isn’t the norm in most royal cases.  Beatrix made the announcement on January 28th of this year, prompting many to ask, “Would Queen Elizabeth do the same?”

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