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Rachel Bilson Debuts Magnum Ice Cream Series at Tribeca

By: Mike Hess / April 22, 2011

Rachel Bilson Makes a Morning Trip to Fox

By: Mike Hess / April 20, 2011

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen at LAX

By: Mike Hess / April 18, 2011

Rachel Bilson and Her Huge Pooch Take a Stroll

By: Mike Hess / April 15, 2011

Rachel Bilson as White Swan in Paris

By: Barbara DeFranco / March 16, 2011

Rachel Bilson Arrives in London

By: / February 20, 2011

Rachel Bilson in Santa Monica

By: Amanda Hasaka / February 2, 2011

Rachel Bilson at the ‘Waiting for Forever’ Premiere

By: Antonio Martinez / February 2, 2011

Rachel Bilson Shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond

By: Celebuzz / January 13, 2011
Rachel Bilson went on a shopping spree on Wednesday, but this time it's not for the latest fashion trends for awards season. Instead, Bilson was spotted leaving a Bed, Bath and Beyond with an overloaded cart. Her shopping cart was filled with bags and bags of newly purchased items and it looks like a… More »

Rachel Bilson’s Pink Pom-Pom Shoes

By: Regan Stephens / July 21, 2010

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