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Rachelle Lefevre Shops in Hollywood

By: Regan Stephens / July 6, 2010

‘New Moon’ Cast in Self Magazine

By: Regan Stephens / October 14, 2009
We can't get enough of the Twilight stars stealing the covers of this month's magazines! The latest one to feature the hottest Vampires out there is Self Magazine! Check out these pictures from the November issue of the magazine, showcasing "the coziest and coolest looks for fall," modeled by none other than Kellan Lutz, AshleyMore »

Rachelle LeFevre: The Real Victoria

By: sbaran / March 20, 2009
Rachelle LeFevre plays the diabolic Victoria who shares James' sadistic nature, vowing to torture Bella to death after Edward kills James. She even violates the rules of the Volturi by raising an army of newborn vampires to accomplish this task, though her scheming is brought to a final end through an alliance between the Culle… More »