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Some People Are Saying Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Video Is Racist

Throughout her decade-long career, Taylor Swift has done an impressive job at avoiding controversy, at least when it comes to her music. (Her romantic life is another story.) But yesterday, Swift released a new song and video for "Shake It Off," the first taken from her new…
By: Matt Russoniello / August 19, 2014

But I Have a Japanese Friend: Avril Lavigne Responds to Accusations of Racism Against Her Latest Music Video

Earlier this week, Avril Lavigne released the music video for "Hello Kitty." Many called the hyper-colorful, Japan-set video ridiculous. That was bad. Others called it out-and-out racist. That was worse. So Lavigne is defending herself against the charges of racism with the old "but I have a black friend" excuse.
By: Robert Kessler / April 24, 2014