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Clint Eastwood Approves of Bill Hader’s Mocking ‘Saturday Night Live’ Impression (VIDEO)

Bill Hader should feel lucky, punk. After all, Clint Eastwood could have hated Hader’s scathing impression of him on last week’s Saturday Night Live — and as he’s shown in recent movies, the 82-year-old Hollywood legend can still kick some ass.

Fortunately for the sketch comic, Eastwood has given a thumbs-up to the…

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First Lady Fashion Face-Off: Ann Romney Vs. Michelle Obama (GALLERY)

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney’s speeches weren’t the only highlights of this week’s political conventions. The candidates’ wives made headlines for their convention style, sparking a style showdown that’s sure to heat up on the campaign trail this fall.

First to step out at the Republican National Convention: The underdog, Romney, who faced…

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Republican National Convention: Paul Ryan Comes Out Swinging

Wednesday night’s primetime Republican National Convention coverage played a lot like Tuesday’s. There was an optimistic, hopeful speech by one of the party’s most prominent women, followed by one of its most prominent men delivering a blistering attack on the opposition.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke of American exceptionalism, citing her…

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Republican National Convention: Ann Romney and Chris Christie — Two Stars Are Born

On its first night of primetime broadcast coverage, the 2012 Republican National Convention created two new TV stars: First Lady-hopeful Ann Romney and potential 2016 presidential candidate Chris Christie. Viewers may differ on whether or not they succeeded in their mission – to make nominee Mitt Romney look like a warm, trustworthy human being as…

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