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‘Revenge’: A rendez vous in LA

By: Danielle Turchiano / January 20, 2013

‘Revenge’: A rendez vous in LA… More »

‘Revenge’: Aiden takes a dark turn

By: Danielle Turchiano / January 18, 2013

‘Revenge’: Aiden takes a dark turn… More »

‘Revenge’: Emily and Daniel rekindle

By: Danielle Turchiano / January 13, 2013

‘Revenge’: Emily and Daniel rekindle… More »

‘Revenge’: Jack in jail

By: Danielle Turchiano / January 11, 2013

‘Revenge’: Jack in jail… More »

‘Revenge’: Emily takes down Aiden…for fun

By: Danielle Turchiano / January 6, 2013

‘Revenge’: Emily takes down Aiden…for fun… More »

2012’s Biggest TV Shockers: Revenge

By: Loraine Pavich / December 18, 2012

Revenge… More »

Best and Worst TV Shows of 2012

By: Loraine Pavich / December 6, 2012

BESTRevengeTo be totally honest, Season 1 was off to a better start than this season. But, still, we tune in for the wonderful soapiness of it all and the twists that writers seem to pull out of a bottomless bag of tricks. We also care about Emily/Amanda (Emily VanCamp) and root for her not only… More »

‘Revenge’: Holy water can’t protect this kid

By: Danielle Turchiano / December 2, 2012

‘Revenge’: Holy water can’t protect this kid… More »

‘Revenge’ Hosts A Christening

By: Danielle Turchiano / November 30, 2012

REVENGE – “Revelations” – Nolan is confronted with a skeleton from his past, and Daniel’s leading role is challenged as Emily and Aiden weave their way through Grayson Global. Meanwhile, the christening of baby Carl brings new concerns to light for Jack and Declan, on “Revenge,” SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC… More »

‘Revenge’: Behind the scenes with Nick Wechsler

By: Danielle Turchiano / November 16, 2012

‘Revenge’: Behind the scenes with Nick Wechsler… More »

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