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Rick Ross’s Ankle Bracelet Sounds Off at the White House: ‘Sorry Mr. President — Did I Beep?’

Rick Ross was like a loud fart in a quiet room when his ankle bracelet went off over the weekend at the White House.


WATCH: DJ Khaled, Lost on a Jetski, Navigates His Way through the Waters of Miami on Snapchat

A rapper’s KEY to finding your his back to shore is by finding ANOTHER ONE.

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WATCH: Rick Ross’s 9-Minute Portrait of Everyday Life in ‘Money Dance’ Music Video

Champagne showers are *so* 2014—it’s all about the champagne tubby time.

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Rick Ross Arrested for Kidnapping, Battery Charges

Not so “boss”.

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WATCH: A Shirtless Justin Bieber Shows Off His Rapping Skillz at Cannes

Justin Bieber is looking for a little more street cred!

The notorious bad boy got his party on in Cannes Monday night at Gotha nightclub–the same club in which he was spotted canoodling with Paris Hilton–hopping on stage in a red and black plaid shirt and stunner shades to serve as Rick Ross

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Justin Bieber Didn’t Really Like the Whole “Loser Keeps Bieber” Olympics Joke

Though Justin Bieber was thrilled that Canada’s mens ice hockey team had beaten U.S.A. at the Sochi Olympics this Friday, he wasn’t too happy with the running joke that the losing side would have to be the one to put up with him (and his antics).

Taking to Twitter, the troubled singer, who…

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Shirtless Justin Bieber Parties With Diddy in Atlanta

This guy. Seriously, Justin Bieber? Less than a week after pilots on Justin’s chartered plane needed to wear oxygen masks to escape the singer and his entourage’s marijuana fumes, the Biebs was spotted partying in Atlanta with Diddy and other much older friends in the music biz. …

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