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Sinead O’Connor Calls Kim Kardashian a C**t

Sinead O’Connor has some heated words for Kim Kardashian — well, maybe just one in particular.

Gabrielle Chung / July 14, 2015

6 Secrets About Kim Kardashian Revealed in July’s ‘Rolling Stone’

Just when you thought that you knew Kim Kardashian from the inside-out, the reality star opens up even more.

Mia Lardiere / July 1, 2015

Listen: Rolling Stones ‘Bitch’ (Extended Version)

Have we got a treat for you! SpinMedia is premiering “Bitch” (Extended Version) by the Rolling Stones.

Michael Prieve / May 4, 2015

Waka Flocka Flame Is Running For President: Here Are 6 Things He Plans to Take Care of in Office

Watch out, Hillary Clinton! Waka Flocka Flame just announced he’s running for President in 2016, and he already has some pretty big plans should he land in the Oval office.

Kendall Fisher / April 21, 2015

7 Things to Know About Frances Bean Cobain’s ‘Rolling Stone’ Interview About Kurt Cobain

The notoriously private daughter of Kurt Cobain is finally opening up about her famous father.

Gabrielle Chung / April 8, 2015

Madonna has Lots of Opinions About Miley Cyrus, Kanye West and Taylor Swift

Despite falling off a stage last week, Madonna still reigns on top as the Queen of Pop, and with that title, she has made it her duty to discuss music’s most famous artists, including celebs like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

Madonna Falls Off Stage

Kendall Fisher / March 3, 2015

FYI: Noel Gallagher Is Not a Swiftie

Lady Gaga is a Swiftie (Maybe)

Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift exchange cute compliments via Twitter.


If you were busy fussing over #TheDress, those llamas or Ryan Gosling’s maybe new tattoo, chances are…

Peggy Truong / March 3, 2015

Madonna Is So Over Her Feud With Lady Gaga

Gaga Oscar Memes

See all the funny memes of Lady Gaga from the Oscars


Madonna has issued a pop proclamation: her feud with Lady Gaga is so reductive and so over.
Speaking with

Matt Russoniello / February 25, 2015

Nick Jonas Talks Taylor Swift, His Iconic Crotch-Grabbing Photos and a Jonas Brothers Reunion

Transforming from Disney boybander to sex icon and solo artist almost over night, it goes without saying that the last six months have been a complete whirlwind for Nick Jonas.

Now, the 22-year-old is opening up in the latest issue of Rolling Stone and dishing on his new, independent career and the perk…

Kendall Fisher / January 28, 2015

Nicki Minaj Talks Being Vulnerable and Opening Up About Her ‘Haunting’ Abortion in Rolling Stone

There’s no denying Nicki Minaj has released her most personal LP yet with The Pinkprint, and now she’s opening up about what it was like to shed her badass demeanor for a bit and become vulnerable.

In the newest issue of Rolling Stone magazine (out Jan. 2), Minaj addresses the new album, which…

Kendall Fisher / December 30, 2014

Taylor Swift Talks Selena Gomez ‘Feud,’ Says She’s Never Been in Love

Taylor Swift’s feature in Rolling Stone may have unveiled a secret feud with an unnamed pop star (cough cogh Katy Perry cough), but it also gave the country singer a chance to reveal the truth about some seriously absurd rumors.

Remember how we all though T. Swift ended her friendship with Selena Gomez over…

Kendall Fisher / September 11, 2014

Katy Perry Shades Taylor Swift With ‘Mean Girls’ Tweet

Because life is often boring, it is important that we dig up the shadiest bits of #TruthTea from and other websites where celebrities post their thoughts, opinions, selfies, and promotional links. This is how one makes life worth living.

Yesterday, Rolling Stone released an excerpt of its feature on Taylor Swift, and…

Matt Russoniello / September 9, 2014

Katy Perry Wants to Be in the Illuminati

Ever since Katy Perry’s bewitching performance of “Dark Horse” at the 2014 Grammy Awards followed by the controversial release of her trippy music video for the “satanic” song, rumors have been circulating as to whether or not she’s involved with the Illuminati.

Well, she’ finally got answers for you all…

Kendall Fisher / August 1, 2014

Katy Perry Throws Shade at Kim Kardashian (And Lady Gaga?), Talks Having a Baby in ‘Rolling Stone’

While it was hard for me to get past the fact that Katy Perry is wearing french tip, acrylic nails on the cover of a 2014 Rolling Stone issue (people stopped wearing those in like 2001 I thought?), I’m glad I did because the article itself leads to some interesting revelations about the pop star…

Kendall Fisher / July 30, 2014

NSFW: Miley Cyrus Is Drugged Out in Super Weird Video for the Flaming Lips

It looks like Miley Cyrus has moved on from twerking in videos to completely tweaking out…

The 21-year-old singer is the face for good pal Wayne Coyne–you know, the one she just got a new tattoo with–and the Flaming Lips’ trippy new NSFW video “Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain,” which will leave…

Kendall Fisher / July 7, 2014

Neil Patrick Harris Poses Nude for Rolling Stone, Talks Sex

That is a very strategically placed top hat Mr. Harris.

Neil Patrick Harris is currently starring on Broadway in Hedwig and the Angry Inch as a transsexual German glam rocker, and I’m guessing that has helped Neil become more comfortable putting it all out there.

Michael Prieve / May 7, 2014

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Bares Her John Hancock on the Cover of ‘Rolling Stone’

Julia Louis-Dreyfus appears on the cover of the newest issue of Rolling Stone, wearing nothing but the words of our founding fathers—the Preamble to the United States Constitution—tattooed (temporarily) on her back.

Robert Kessler / April 9, 2014

A Year of Miley Cyrus Magazine Covers, Ranked

Anyone who pays attention to pop culture even peripherally knows that Miley Cyrus has had a wild year. If nothing else, Miley certainly knows how to get attention and how to sell magazines, which explains why she’s been featured on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone, W and Love in the past year,…

Robert Kessler / April 7, 2014

Justin Bieber’s Rolling Stone Cover Story: It’s the “Fall of a Pop Icon”

Justin Bieber is about to get his star taken down a few pegs thanks to an upcoming unflattering profile from Rolling Stone.

Boasting that their latest issue — out on newsstands Friday — will uncover “events that would make the singer’s core Beliebers lose their faith,” the music magazine is finally ready to publish…

Gabrielle Chung / February 27, 2014

Drake Apologizes for His ‘Rolling Stone’ Twitter Tantrum

Following a Twitter tantrum in which he complained about losing the cover of Rolling Stone to Philip Seymour Hoffman, Drake has issued an apology. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect it to be: I apologize, no disrespect to the family, my mistake, I’m sorry, blah blah blah.

Robert Kessler / February 14, 2014
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