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Jennifer Love Hewitt: Bentley Beauty

Just because Jennifer Love Hewitt transitioned back to television several years ago doesn’t mean that she isn’t making the big bucks.
The star of CBS’s The Ghost Whisperer was recently spotted grinning alongside her new white Bentley automobile.
Consoling CGI ghosts for a living seems to pay well.
Things seem to be…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt: On-Set Romance?

After a public broken engagement, could Jennifer Love Hewitt be seeking solace in the arms of costar Jamie Kennedy?
A Celebuzz source caught the two last weekend sharing an intimate dinner at Los Angeles’ Pace, on the heels of tabloid reports accusing 29-year-old Hewitt of driving away her former fiance with neediness and insecurity.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks Relationship Woes with ‘Us’

Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t letting a little thing like breaking up with fiancé Ross McCall steer her off course.
In fact, Hewitt, 29, is turning her relationship lemons into publicity lemonade!
In the new issue of Us Weekly, out tomorrow, the actress will apparently explain why she called off her…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt: Single and Stepping Out

With help from her colleagues, Jennifer Love Hewitt is on the road to recovery from what reports say is a “tough time” for the newly-single star.
A source tells Celebuzz that Hewitt, 29, stepped out last night to party with her Ghost Whisperer pals at Los Angeles hotspot Apple Lounge.
“Jennifer was with…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt: Tough Times

Jennifer Love Hewitt is said to be having a tough time over her breakup with Showtime’s Crash actor and fiance Ross McCall.
People reports that Hewitt and the Scottish McCall, 32, are “both really sad about this. Even their friends are surprised; they seemed really happy.”
Not one to miss work for a…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt and Fiancé Ross McCall Split

Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt is no doubt feeling a bit, uh, down-spirited at the onset of the new year.
Despite being photographed together less than a month ago while chowing down on fast food, she and fiancé Ross McCall have apparently broken up.
Hewitt, 29, began dating Scottish Band of Brothers

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Eats Away at the Critics

Looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt is among the few denizens of Hollywood who refuse to obsess over their weight. The 29-year-old Ghost Whisperer star has had her ups and downs in the past year, particularly when she’s stepped on the scale.
Last November, after paparazzi captured her filling a bikini way too well in…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Doing Angelina Jolie

When thinking of stunning beauties who parallel Angelina Jolie, naturally wishful nudist Jennifer Love Hewitt springs to mind.
So it makes sense that Hewitt and husband Ross McCall would get decked out as Jolie and Brad Pitt for Halloween this year. And how do they plan on pulling this off?
“We’re just gonna…

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