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Nicki Minaj Requires Lovers to Sex Her to Completion

Nicki Minaj(‘s anaconda) don’t want none unless you can make her come.

Matt Russoniello |

Alan Thicke Enjoys Robin Thicke’s Music While ‘Getting Freaky:’ See the Singer’s Response

One thing we definitely never want to hear coming out of our parents’ mouths is anything relating to their sex life… But not only is Robin Thicke hearing about it, he also discovered he’s a leading factor is creating the, er, pleasure.

Kendall Fisher |

Cameron Diaz Says Sex Keeps Her in Shape

How has Cameron Diaz maintained her sexy, toned body all these years? Dieting, exercise… and sex.

Yes, the 42-year-old actress — who just recently tied the knot with Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden — told Cosmopolitan U.K. that her sex life is important to staying healthy, both mentally and physically.

Kendall Fisher |

Shailene Woodley Goes Topless in ‘Glamour,’ Talks Sex, Nudity and Her Chance at ’50 Shades’

Shailene Woodley isn’t afraid to get naked — as proven in her new topless photo shoot for UK Glamour magazine’s April issue.

The 23-year-old stripped down for the publication, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans for one photo and a sports bra and underwear in another.

“I’m totally…

Kendall Fisher |

Chrissy Teigen Embarrasses John Legend by Revealing They Had Sex at an Obama Event, NOT at the White House

In case you missed it, Chrissy Teigen made John Legend turn fifty shades of scarlet on the Grammy’s red carpet on Sunday (Feb. 8, 2015) when she let slipped the best public place they had sex, referring to it only as “the Obama event”.

Legend tried to play it cool as they both…

Kaitlyn Laurie |

Kris Jenner Fakes Sex Romp to Prank her Kids: Watch Now!

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian thought their mom was acting a bit cranky after splitting from Bruce Jenner over the summer, so they figured maybe she just needed a little action to boost her spirits.

But when the daughters tried to set Kris Jenner up with their celebrity chef Jordan Andino, they prepared…

Kendall Fisher |

Kendra Wilkinson Talks Sex With Hugh Hefner

Kendra Wilkinson is an open book–even when it comes to having sex with a man 60 years her senior.

The reality star opened up about moving into the Playboy mansion when she was just 18 years old and admits that she was really naive about her “duties” when it came to tending to…

Kendall Fisher |

NSFW: This is What Nick Jonas Looks Like Having Sex

After those super sexy Flaunt magazine photos showed off his ripped body, I think we’ve all had fantasies about what Nick Jonas would be like in bed.

Well, while I can’t actually get you in bed with him (sorry, he’s taken), I can show you a few videos of what he looks like…

Kendall Fisher |

Instead of ‘Downton Abbey’ Kim Kardashian Became a Furry Alien Who Loves Sex

Pockets on shrek, rockets on deck. Tell me what’s next? Alien sex.

Ironically, Kanye West once rapped those lyrics in a Katy Perry song (you win if you guessed “E.T.”), and now his wifey Kim Kardashian is actually partaking in some alien sex for real.

Well, sort of for real.

Kendall Fisher |

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Probably Maybe Made a Sex Tape Together

Earlier this week, British GQ named Kim Kardashian the Woman of the Year, and though this left many angry and confused, it turns out to be the gift that keeps on giving. From the ceremony in which Kim was given the wrong award, to the almost pornographic photo spread that appears in the magazine, and…

Matt Russoniello |

Khloe Kardashian Talks Having Sex With French Montana

What’s it like dating French Montana? Well, Khloe Kardashian is here to say a few things.

The reality star and her new boyfriend stopped by the Power 105 radio station Thursday afternoon for a joint interview, where Kardashian explained how they’re currently doing a “no sex” thing as Montana is observing Ramadan.

Gabrielle Chung |

Daniel Radcliffe Talks Losing His Virginity, Marriage and His Celebrity Crush

Okay, I know… Thinking about Harry Potter losing his virginity is a bit much, but in all fairness Daniel Radcliffe has come a long, long way since those Hogwarts days.

He’s taken his acting skills to new heights in films like Kill Your Darlings, stripped down on-stage and gone full-frontal in Broadway play…

Kendall Fisher |

Let Candace Cameron Bure Tell You About Her Sex Life

What’s with celebrities sharing way too much this week?

DJ Tanner, it’s cool you’re happily married with three kids and all, but do we really need to know about what goes on in the boudoir?

Peggy Truong |

Sofia Vergara on Paying For Sex, ‘If You Can Afford It, Why Not?’

More money, more problems sex! According to Sofia Vergara.

On Friday, Sofia Vergara sat down for an interview with Page Six, in which the sexy Latina got candid about the challenges she faced while filming her new movie, Fading Gigolo. In the film, the Modern Family actress plays the role of a sexually experimental character,…

Becca Verstraete |

Miley Cyrus Offers Up Her Best Sex Tips For ‘Cosmopolitan’

Here’s one for all the “bangerz” out there.

During a Twitter chat with Cosmopolitan — you know, the magazine with all the so-called “helpful” sex tips — on Friday, Miley Cyrus offered up a few pieces of advice to all the ladies who are planning to get a little frisky in bed this…

Gabrielle Chung |

Lady Gaga Straddles R. Kelly on ‘SNL,’ and Other Highlights from Last Night’s Show

The Artpop diva pulled double duty last night on Saturday Night Live. She hosted the show and performed, and in true Lady Gaga form, she killed it. …

Barbara DeFranco |

Nude Lady Gaga Talks Cocaine, Celibacy in ‘Vanity Fair’

You have to hand it to Lady Gaga. Not many celebrities could pose nude for a magazine, and still have that be the least shocking aspect of their story.
The “Alejandro” songstress strips down to her birthday suit for the September 2010 issue of Vanity Fair, but the real revelations come in the accompanying…


Robert Pattinson Mocks Steamy ‘Breaking Dawn’ Sex Scenes

Now that Robert Pattison is finished filming Water for Elephants, the hunky celeb is preparing himself for the supposedly super-hot sex scenes for Breaking Dawn. Only problem is, Rob doesn’t seem to find the scenes all that sexy.
The star joked to People magazine about his character’s bedroom moves:
I’m looking forward to…


How Justin Bieber’s Mom Protects His, Um, Purity

Sorry, lusty Justin Bieber fans: It turns out that the 16-year-old pop star’s mom is making sure that none of you get your hormone-raging hands on her son.
In a recent interview with Vibe the “Baby” singer opens up about his home life and how his mother Pattie Mallette deals with Bieber’s groupies. Pattie…


‘Inception’ Star Tom Hardy Admits Gay Past

Super hot Inception star Tom Hardy is too sexy to limit himself to one gender.
The 32-year-old English actor admitted to Now magazine (via Starpulse) that he has experimented with men in his youth but he has now settled on being a full-fledged heterosexual:
[Did I experiment with men] As a boy? Of…

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