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Priyanka Chopra, Nicole Kidman Honored at the InStyle Awards

Mia Lardiere | October 25, 2016 - 1:54 pm

Great women, great style. More »

Shailene Woodley Pens Powerful Op-Ed About Her Arrest

Gabrielle Chung | October 20, 2016 - 7:40 pm

I am not scared. I am not afraid.” More »

Shailene Woodley Pleads Not Guilty on Trespassing Charges for Pipeline Protest

Kit Bowen | October 19, 2016 - 4:29 pm

Civil disobedience, y’all! More »

Shailene Woodley Shares Poem After Being Arrested

Mia Lardiere | October 12, 2016 - 9:46 am

The actress is “on your side.” More »

Ansel Elgort, John Green, and More Tweet Their Support for Shailene Woodley as She’s Released from Jail

Jelani Addams Rosa | October 11, 2016 - 10:45 am

“Shailene Woodley walks the walk, and I deeply admire her determined and passionate activism.” More »

Shailene Woodley Arrested for Trespassing During Protest

Gabrielle Chung | October 10, 2016 - 5:11 pm

Why am I being arrested and no one else is? More »

Amy Adams, Shailene Woodley, Many Others Read Drake’s ‘One Dance’

Kit Bowen | October 4, 2016 - 6:31 pm

“How did Drake manage to pull this off?!” More »

Shailene Woodley Believes Learning About Masturbation in School Could Lower Teen Pregnancy Rates

Jelani Addams Rosa | September 16, 2016 - 4:28 pm

She plans to write a book about it. More »

Susan Sarandon, Shailene Woodley and More Defend Bernie Sanders Supporters at DNC 

Scott Baumgartner | July 28, 2016 - 3:14 pm

Although Bernie Sanders has offered Hillary Clinton his full-throated support, some of his followers, including actress Susan Sarandon, refuse to give up the fight. More »

Shailene Woodley Had No Idea That the Last ‘Divergent’ Film Might Be Straight-to-TV Release

Scott Baumgartner | July 21, 2016 - 7:03 pm

Actress Shailene Woodley was apparently the last to know that execs are considering making the last film in the Divergent series a TV movie. … More »

WATCH: Jospeh Gordon Levitt Takes on the NSA in ‘Snowden’ Trailer

Gabrielle Chung | July 21, 2016 - 6:42 pm

They’re going to come for me.” More »

The Final ‘Divergent’ Movie May Be Turned into a TV Movie Instead

Kit Bowen | July 21, 2016 - 2:00 am

And there would be a TV series, too. More »

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