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Shawn Holley Quits as Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer

Shawn Holley is off the case.

The prominent Los Angeles lawyer, who has been representing Lindsay Lohan on and off since 2009, has parted ways with the troubled 26-year-old starlet, about a week after Lohan fired her for New York-based attorney Mark Heller (who can’t even practice in California, by the way).


7 Facts About Shawn Holley, Lindsay Lohan’s Fired Lawyer

If there was an award for patience, odds are Shawn Holley would win in a heartbeat.

Since 2009, Holley has stood by Lindsay Lohan’s side in court, representing the troubled 26-year-old starlet through multiple DUIs, probation violations and a whole lot of other legal headaches (minus the time she briefly quit in 2010,…