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Taylor Swift’s Big Donation, Shonda Rhimes Bashes Lady Gaga: A Roundup

We’ve rounded up some of the best stories of the day that you might have missed. We’re featuring news items on Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, The Walking Dead and more!
Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 to NYC Public Schools and Will “Continue” Charitable Contributions
As promised last fall, Taylor Swift has donated at least $50,000 to…

Michael Prieve / February 24, 2015

Katherine Heigl: I’m Not Rude, But I’ve “Made Mistakes”

Katherine Heigl responds (again) to rumors that she’s rude.

At a Facebook Q & A on Saturday for her new show State of Affairs, a “fan” asked Heigl the awkward question if she thinks she’s rude or not.

Kaitlyn Laurie / November 3, 2014

‘Scandal’ Cuts Stephen Collins Scenes in Wake of Child Molestation Case

Stephen Collins has lost another job.

One day after news broke that the former 7th Heaven star is being investigated for child molestation, ABC has announced plans for new Scandal episodes that feature the actor.

Peggy Truong / October 8, 2014

Viola Davis, Kerry Washington and Ellen Pompeo Help Premiere ABC’s New ‘Shonda Rhimes Night’ Lineup

Prepare yourselves for a whole lot of Shonda Rhimes on ABC, because the network has officially kicked off its new Thursday night lineup which is basically a love letter to the powerhouse producer.

Jason Marshall / September 21, 2014

Celebrity Twitter Chatter: Kerry Washington, Justin Timberlake, Lea Michele and More Emmy Tweets

In light of this morning’s Emmy nominations we’ve rounded up some of the best celebrity tweets reactions regarding the noms from the past 24 hours.

We’ve got Emmy reactions from Kerry Washington, Jimmy Fallon, Jeff Lewis, Aaron Paul and more! Check out their tweets below.

Michael Prieve / July 10, 2014

Isaiah Washington Will Return to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The still controversial Isaiah Washington will return to Grey’s Anatomy this May seven years after he was fired from the show for using gay slurs on set.

Robert Kessler / March 7, 2014

Watch a Teaser for the Remaining Episodes of ‘Scandal’

After a long wait, Scandal is finally back in two weeks. And for those of us who don’t feel like they can wait one second longer, here is a teaser.

Robert Kessler / February 14, 2014

First Ladies Are Just Like Us: Michelle Obama Binge-Watched ‘Scandal’ Over the Holidays

If you’ve ever wondered how Michelle Obama spends her Thursday nights, now you know that she’s probably perched in front of her television, watching Scandal, just like you. It turns out, the First Lady had never seen the show before but during the holidays she binge-watched the whole thing and loved it.

Robert Kessler / January 31, 2014

You’ve Got to Watch Lisa Kudrow’s Epic Speech About Sexism in Politics from ‘Scandal’

In addition to the usual red wine-drinking and pantsuit-wearing on last night’s Scandal, Lisa Kudrow delivered a scathing take-down of sexism in modern politics and the semantics with which men subtly put female politicians down. Sure, Kudrow’s playing a fictional congresswoman running for president, but the points she’s making are the real deal.

Robert Kessler / November 8, 2013

Shonda Rhimes Is Writing Another Movie

Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind the ABC juggernauts Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and now Scandal, is taking another pass at War Correspondents. Only this time, it’s headed for the big screen, according to an exclusive report Monday from The Hollywood Reporter.
The project had previously been in development for television (sometime before Grey’s, says THR),…

/ July 30, 2013

Toddlewood Salutes Role Model Moms This Mother’s Day

Tricia Messeroux, the photographer behind Toddlewood, recently unveiled her latest exhibit: “Today’s Little Girls Are Tomorrow Leaders”
Young girls dressed up as some of today’s biggest icons like Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Anne Wintour, who also happen to be moms.
Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

Kelly Lynch / May 11, 2013

Taye Diggs Looks Forward as ‘Private Practice’ Wraps Up: ‘We’re All Excited for What’s Around the Bend’ (VIDEO)

Taye Diggs has enjoyed remarkable success – 106 episodes and counting — as Dr. Sam Bennett on the long-running series Private Practice. But as the show wraps up its sixth and final season, Diggs says that he’s looking forward to new challenges as an actor.

“We’re all excited for what’s around the bend,”…

Todd Gilchrist / December 12, 2012

Oprah Winfrey Announces Second Book Club Selection; ‘Seinfeld’s’ Michael Richards Cast on TV Land Pilot

Sunday’s episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter will delve into the world of ABC’s Scandal with star Kerry Washington, creator Shonda Rhimes and inspiration behind the show, Judy Smith. Washington will discuss her lead role as Olivia Pope on the drama as well as her highly anticipated film, Django Unchained. In addition to Scandal, Rhimes will touch…

Lauren DiMascio / December 5, 2012

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Showrunner Shonda Rhimes Promises Happiness for Arizona and Callie

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is back at it. The prolific showrunner headed back to her Whosay blog Thursday night to defend her decision to make Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) an amputee.

On Season 9’s second episode, we were taken back to the site of the tragic plane crash and given a look at the…

Lauren DiMascio / October 5, 2012

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Creator Shonda Rhimes Explains Season Premiere’s Shocking Death

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes has responded to her fans regarding the twitter explosion resulting from her the death of a fan favorite character on last night’s Season 9 Premiere.

On her personal WhoSay blog, she wrote a detailed entry entitled “WHY THE F#%K DOES SHONDA KILL CHARACTERS?!” and answers other burning questions.” Thanking…

Lauren DiMascio / September 28, 2012

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Express Devastation Over Tragic Season Premiere

It looks like we’re not the only ones still reeling from last night’s emotional season premiere of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

While we knew that the episode would be heartbreaking, as most Grey’s premieres and finales are, we weren’t quite prepared for all that went down.

Note: Spoiler alert if you didn’t

Lauren DiMascio / September 28, 2012

‘Scandal’ Cast and Creators Talk Season 2 Scoop at Paleyfest

ABC’s Scandal will draw you in hook, line and sinker. If you think we’re lying, we’re not. Even the cast is obsessed with it.

The ensemble show created by Shonda Rhimes is an addictive drama about a crisis management team (“gladiators in suits”) who can fix any scandal that comes their way. While…

Lauren DiMascio / September 12, 2012