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Wait, Is Jessica Simpson Somehow Related to Britney Spears?

Both ladies are the epitome of the early 2000s, both adorably southern, both around the same age.. But could it be that Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears are actually related?

Okay, obviously they’re not sisters or something, but looking at older photos of the Simpson family is really making us question whether they…

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Banksy Tags Up the ‘Simpsons’ Intro (VIDEO)

The Simpsons may be one of the longest-running comedies on television, but guerilla artist Banksy made sure last night’s opening sequence was no laughing matter.
The couch sequence took on the subject of sweatshops in a none-too-subtle manner, offering an exceedingly bleak take on the practice of having animation work done overseas. (For the…


Daniel Radcliffe Spoofs ‘Twilight’ on ‘The Simpsons’: First Look

Watch out, Robert Pattinson; you’re about to get lampooned big-time, and your former castmate is going to get in on the fun.
As previously reported, R-Pattz’s one-time Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe will be spoofing the Twilight series on this year’s “Treehouse of Horror” episode of The Simpsons, and now we have a first…