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Prince Philip

Taryn Ryder / May 23, 2012

Prince Philip was a true man’s man back in the day. Born into the Greek royal family, Philip’s family was forced into exile and he was raised by a number of foreign (royal) relatives. A true member of the old guard, Philip served in the royal navy, had an old boys club in London with… More »

Sam Claflin aka Prince William

Taryn Ryder / May 23, 2012

Ironically, Sam Claflin plays Prince William in ‘Snow White And The Huntsman.’ Does he measure up to the name? Find out June 1! More »

Prince Harry

Taryn Ryder / May 23, 2012

Does he really need an explanation? More »

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden

Taryn Ryder / May 23, 2012

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. He is third in line to the throne and studied graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design. Carl is currently dating model Sofia Helqvist. More »

Prince Joachim

Taryn Ryder / May 23, 2012

Prince Joachim was educated at Malvern College in Worcestershire and is an officer in the Belgian navy. More »

Prince Andrea Casiraghi

Taryn Ryder / May 23, 2012

Pierre and Prince Andrea Casiraghi are part of Monaco’s royal family. While Andrea does goes by the family name with a master’s degree in international affairs and taught children in Africa, Pierre got himself into a little snafu in New York (that one’s a bit of a playboy). More »

Prince Felix

Taryn Ryder / May 23, 2012

Prince Felix, 27, is second in line to the throne, and enjoy skiing, polo and carpentry. He’s also one of Europe’s wealthiest men. More »

Prince William

Taryn Ryder / May 23, 2012

The future King of England measures up just find against fairy tale heroes. He’s patron of a number of different charities, doesn’t have a mean bone in his boy, and is a real “prince of the people.”… More »

Prince Amadeo of Belgium

Taryn Ryder / May 23, 2012

Prince Amadeo of Belgium attended the London School of Economics and currently works for Deloitte in New York City. More »

Celebuzz’s ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Diary

Taryn Ryder / May 21, 2012

Saturday May 12: If our table could talk. I was sitting with a fantastic group, and there is nothing more interesting than when journalists get together. We exchanged best interviews, interview horror stories, who will be the next train wreck, who is really gay, who is actually nice … everything was covered during dinner. It… More »

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