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Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds Are Different, Who Is Tom Holland and 8 More Celebuzz Stories You May Have Missed

Celebuzz publishes over 200 articles every week and we know that you may have missed a few of them. Here are ten of our favorite stories that you may have missed on Celebuzz this past week.

By: Michael Prieve / June 28, 2015

Emma Stone’s Tour of Spice Girls Fandom Continues

It’s getting tough to keep track of all the various times that Emma Stone has mentioned her idol worship-like regard for the Spice Girls during the press tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and even she acknowledges that it’s getting to be a bit much. “I just feel like I’ve been talking more about the…

By: Robert Kessler / April 14, 2014

Movie Buzz: ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Casting News, Tom Hardy is ‘The Outsider’

Thanksgiving week kicked off with news that made fans of Spider-Man, Tom Hardy and Evil Dead very happy.

Which classic character will appear in The Amazing Spider-Man sequel? What new project is Hardy circling? Want to see the first poster for the Evil Dead remake?

Read on…

By: Phil Pirrello / November 20, 2012

Movie Buzz: Exclusive ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ Discussion, ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ Gets Its Director

Fans of Twilight, Hunger Games and The Amazing Spider-Man? This news round-up is for you.

Thursday delivered several notable news stories from the aforementioned franchises, and Celebuzz has got them all.

Because that’s how we roll.

By: Phil Pirrello / November 2, 2012

New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Clip: Andrew Garfield Gets Denied (VIDEO)

In a new teaser clip of The Amazing Spider-Man, fans are getting to see Andrew Garfield in the leading role that proves this superhero isn’t immune to everything.

The short tease shows Peter Parker (Garfield) arguing with a doorman, who refuses to let him inside Gwen Stacy’s (Emma Stone) posh apartment building. Despite…

By: / February 20, 2012

Is That Andrew Garfield Flying Through the Air on ‘Amazing Spiderman’ Set? (PHOTOS)

Although it’s not clear whether Andrew Garfield was the high-flying Spiderman filming stunts on The Amazing Spiderman set, the comic book character to truly coming life with some serious web-swinging stunts.

Pictured swinging from a bridge in New York City’s Harlem, Spiderman was spotted landing on a taxi and nonchalantly strutting away from…

By: / May 4, 2011

The New Spider-Man May Need a Booster Seat to Fight Crime

Maybe they should change the name of the franchise to Spider-Boy?
Meet Logan Lerman, the star of the upcoming Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and, if he’s to be believed, the latest in a growing list of candidates to take over the role of Spider-Man from Tobey Maguire, now that the…

By: Celebuzz / February 4, 2010

Zac Efron Will Be the Next Spider-Man in Today’s Totally Awesome Casting Rumor

Our Spidey Sense is tingling, and we sense…a wonderfully intriguing if somewhat questionable rumor on the upcoming Spider-Man franchise reboot.
High School Musical hunk Zac Efron will reportedly be donning the tights for the forthcoming fourth installment of the movie series, following Tobey Maguire’s departure from the hugely successful franchise. According to a studio…

By: Celebuzz / February 1, 2010

Robert Pattinson May Be the Next Spider-Man in Today’s Totally Sketchy R-Pattz Rumor

Ready for some really intriguing but completely questionable Robert Pattinson dish? Of course you are!
With Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi on the outs from the Spider-Man franchise and a series reboot in the offing, word is that New Moon heartthrob R-Pattz is being tapped to take on the web-slinging role in the…

By: Celebuzz / January 14, 2010

Spider-Man 5 and 6 Already in the Works

Don’t worry, Spidey fans; there’s still a lot more web to be slung.
Wired magazine reports that Sony has already given screenwriter James Vanderbilt the go-ahead to write the scripts for Spider-Man 5 and 6, based on the script he wrote for Spider-Man 4.
The fourth big-screen installment of the Spidey saga i…

By: Celebuzz / August 18, 2009

Evan Rachel Wood Takes on Spider-man

What’s a girl to do after breaking up with Marilyn Manson—besides scrub herself from head to toe? If you’re Evan Rachel Wood, you sign on to play Spider-man’s girlfriend on the Great White Way. IESB reports that Wood, who broke up with ghoulish rocker Manson, 39, last month, has joined the cast of an upcoming…

By: Celebuzz / December 11, 2008

Video: Tobey Maguire Pushed Too Far

While attempting to leave the Madeo restaurant after a dinner with his wife Jennifer Meyer, Tobey Maguire found himself virtually blockaded by a swarm of photographers, eager to snap pictures of the Spider-Man actor acting more like The Incredible Hulk.

Jennifer keeps her cool, while Tobey grows increasingly more frustrated with…

By: Celebuzz / July 10, 2008