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Cheers to St. Patrick’s Day!

Cheers mate! Let's celebrate! Aside from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and maybe even Groundhog Day, St. Patrick's Day is America's favorite excuse holiday to drink and be merry! Saint Patrick's Day, or as it is known in Ireland as the Feast of Saint Patrick, celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and commemorates Ireland's most…
By: Becca Verstraete / March 17, 2014

Our 17 Favorite Irish Men

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! You may already be decked out in green and perhaps even sipping on your favorite Irish beer, but there's just one more thing you need to make this holiday even better...
By: Kendall Fisher / March 17, 2014

These Stars Have St. Patrick’s Day Fever

Bursting with St. Patrick’s Day fever? These stars are too. While not everyone has Irish blood in their veins, the day has given Hollywood plenty of opportunity to write some of the funniest -- and most bizarre -- musings on Twitter. After checking out 30 babes in green bikinis and 10 of the…
By: Peggy Truong / March 17, 2013