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Taco Bell Is Offering Delivery Now

What a time it is to be alive!

Gabrielle Chung / July 8, 2015

WATCH: Charlie Sheen is Piss Drunk at a Taco Bell Drive-Thru

Another day, another drunk moment coming from a truly classy Charlie Sheen.

A newly-surfaced video of the former “Two and a Half Men” star proves that he’s still as big of a mess as ever, showing him stumbling about a Taco Bell drive-thru, greeting fans and showing off his Charlie Brown tattoo.

Kendall Fisher / July 16, 2014

The President of Taco Bell Disses Justin Bieber

What’s better than a Crunch Wrap Supreme with a side of nachos after a long night of drinking??

This joke the President of Taco Bell made at the expense of Justin Bieber

Kendall Fisher / March 28, 2014

Justin Timberlake Goes to Taco Bell Because He’s a Normal, Average Human Being and Not an Android But Why? Who Told You That?

Everyday, regular human being Justin Timberlake celebrated his wins at the People’s Choice Awards last night with an after party at Taco Bell, the favorite restaurant of everyday, regular human beings like you, me and Justin Timberlake.

Robert Kessler / January 9, 2014