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Ted (2012)

Loraine Pavich | January 16, 2013 - 4:55 pm

Aside from making Scrooge McDuck money at the box office, Ted cemented Wahlberg as a bankable leading man outside of dramatic fare. Last summer’s sleeper comedy hit owes as much of its success to its titular foul-mouthed bear as it does to Wahlberg’s genuinely-funny straight man. We can’t even deal with how good Wahlberg is… More »

8. ‘Ted’ (Gross: $218.7 million)

Phil Pirrello | December 10, 2012 - 2:58 pm

Never underestimate the power of sentient, pot-smoking teddy bears. ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane found crazy success at the summer box office with ‘Ted’. The movie’s brand of dick-and-fart jokes holds the distinction being not only 2012’s eighth-highest grossing movie, but also the biggest R-rated comedy ever. … More »

World Series of Celebrity: Game 2 – Movies of 2012

Loraine Pavich | October 24, 2012 - 6:14 pm

Answer No. 2: In “Ted,” talking bear Ted said, “Oh, come on! I don’t sound THAT much like Peter Griffin!” Then again, both are voiced by Seth MacFarlane, doing the same chowdah-thick New England accent.  … More »