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How Michelle Williams, James Franco, Mario Lopez & Kelly Osbourne Celebrate the Holidays

By: Kira Coplin / December 19, 2012

Teri Hatcher’s Special Socks

By: Regan Stephens / March 10, 2010
Say what you want about Teri Hatcher—when it comes to her grooming regimen, she's exceptionally well-prepared. The Desperate Housewives actress hit up a nail salon in Studio City on Tuesday and, because it was unseasonably cold in Southern California yesterday—it may have even dipped below 60, people!—Hatcher wore her special pedicure socks, which we're just… More »

Celebrity Triathletes in Malibu

By: tracimac / September 13, 2009
What did you do with your life today? Well, these stars ran a triathalon this morning. Dang! Mario Lopez and Teri Hatcher were among the celebs who participated in the Malibu Triathlon today in sunny California. Oh, and David Hasselhoff was there. Score! Check out their pics in our new gallery! Congrats! More »

Before They Were Famous

By: sbaran / January 21, 2009
Here are some shots of our favorite female stars. In no particular order, of course. More »