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Vanessa Hudgens: ‘The Best Part’ Of Playing A Stripper Was Getting To Go To Strip Clubs

If you thought Vanessa Hudgens’ role in Spring Breakers was raunchy, wait until you take a look at her upcoming flick, The Frozen Ground.

Playing a 17-year-old exotic dancer, the actress says “the best part” was going to all the strip clubs to do research for her psychologically — and definitely physically –…

Gabrielle Chung |

Gary Goldsmith Can’t Wait For Niece Kate Middleton To Make History

Gary Goldsmith, Carole Middleton’s jolly younger brother and a bit of naughty fella, recently talked to the Daily Mirror about, well, just about everything Middleton.

It seems we’ve got Goldsmith all wrong, according to him.  And you know what?  I’m inclined to believe the old boy.

“Everyone always assumes the worst,”

Kelly Lynch |