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‘SNL’ Recap: Zach Galifianakis Wants To Shower With Jamie Lannister

Zach Galifianakis is so much more than that funny bearded guy from The Hangover movies.

On Saturday, the actor took over the stages of Saturday Night Live and delivered one of the season’s more entertaining episodes (up there with Justin Timberlake and Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

In his opening monologue, Galifianakis presented joke…

Peggy Truong | May 5, 2013 - 11:30 am

Here’s Who Could Have Been in ‘The Hangover’

Ahead of this month’s release of The Hangover Part IIIThe Hollywood Reporter today published an oral history of the wildly successful franchise. Among those interviewed include the stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis as well as producer/director Todd Phillips. The story contains several gems — including one about Heather Graham having to film a Hangover spoof for her…

Robert Kessler | May 1, 2013 - 2:30 pm

What Internet Gold Made Us Laugh This Week?

Are you feeling blue because it’s Splitsville for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth? Did the sight of Lady Gaga in a wheelchair make you long for happier times?

Let Celebuzz lift your spirits with another edition of Celebrity Meme Roundup! We collected the funniest pop culture macros, GIFs, and videos from the last…

Matt Russoniello | March 15, 2013 - 4:00 pm

Racism Backlash: E! Uses Monkey And Olympian Gabby Douglas To Predict Oscar Winners

The E! television network catapulted itself to the centre of a race storm before Sunday’s 85th Academy Awards after broadcasting a game featuring Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas and a monkey predicting who will win an Oscar statuette.

The backlash was swift, with one angry viewer joking online that “someone on E! dropped…

Dylan Howard | February 24, 2013 - 5:39 pm

How Do 3 Hot Guys Celebrate Their 21st Birthday?

“This is the day you get to tell every bouncer [I’m 21],” Miller (Miles Teller) tells his buddy Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) in 21 And Over. “This is a sacred rite of passage. It’s like when an eskimo kills his first penguin.”

The new comedy from writer-directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore takes…

Todd Gilchrist | February 20, 2013 - 7:35 pm

‘Hangover 2′ Teaser Trailer Released! (VIDEO)

The teaser trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to 2009’s megahit The Hangover has finally found its way to the internet. This is one hangover you can get excited about!

While it doesn’t give away too much, we do see the reassembled wolf pack — which includes Stu (Ed Helms) rocking a Mike

Amanda Hasaka | February 24, 2011 - 3:54 pm

Mike Tyson Was Cool With Mel Gibson ‘Hangover 2′ Cameo

Let the record show: If you steal Mike Tyson’s tiger, as the boys of The Hangover did, there will be problems — but if you find yourself on the bad side of public opinion, as Mel Gibson has, fear not.
Tyson told the NY Post Wednesday that he didn’t agree with his castmates — Zach

| October 28, 2010 - 11:30 am

Is ‘The Hangover 2′ Giving Zach Galifianakis a Headache?

Filming for sequel to the 2009 hit comedy The Hangover has just begun, but there are signs that one of the movie’s stars, Zach Galifianakis, is already wishing he could block it out of his memory.
The Due Date funnyman recently granted an interview to podcast Comedy Death-Ray, and while he didn’t come right…

| October 19, 2010 - 1:20 pm

‘Hangover 2′ Confirmed for Thailand Shoot

Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and their friends are heading to Thailand, and they’re in a drinking mood.
Coming Soon confirms that a sequel to 2009’s hit comedy The Hangover is a go, and they’re moving the action from Las Vegas to Thailand to provide a whole new backdrop for the debauchery.
Though it…

Celebuzz | July 23, 2010 - 11:33 am

2010 MTV Movie Awards Winners

Spoiler Alert!
We’ve got the winners–and losers–for this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Did New Moon win for Best Movie? Did Robert Pattinson (sigh) beat out Taylor Lautner (sigh) for Best Male Performance? And who won Best Kiss? Find out here as it happens.
We will be updating the list of winners as they…

| June 6, 2010 - 8:04 pm

Lindsay Lohan Turned Down Role In ‘The Hangover’

Ouch. This could be even worse than the much-dreaded feeling after a night of drinking.
Us Weekly is reporting that Lindsay Lohan was offered a part in this summer’s surprise hit movie, The Hangover. So far, the movie has made over $205 million.
Todd Phillips, the movie’s director, offered the skinny tanning gyro

Regan Stephens | July 8, 2009 - 8:45 am

Heather Graham Looks a Little Chilly

Heather Graham probably won’t be among the celebrities to score an underwear endorsement deal anytime soon. Because apparently the Boogie Nights actress isn’t big on wearing undergarments.
Graham showed up at the UK premiere of her new movie The Hangover at the Vue Cinema Leicester Square  on Wednesday. From the looks of things, she…

Celebuzz | June 10, 2009 - 5:00 pm

Celebs Get a Hangover at Last Night’s Premiere

A ton of celebs showed up at last night’s premiere of The Hangover at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. We wonder why? 
The Hangover is about three groomsmen who, after a night of drunken partying in Vegas, lose the groom and must retrace their steps in order to find him. 
The movie’s leading man Bradley Cooper

Celebuzz | June 3, 2009 - 7:00 pm