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The Curious Case of Kate Upton’s Missing Armpit

Hmm. It looks like Harper’s Bazaar gave Kate Upton the ol’ photoshop nip/tuck.

The  Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is featured in this month’s magazine, but the buxom blonde’s right armpit appears to have been whittled away entirely. …

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QUIZ: What Celebrity Girl Clique Would You Want to be Part Of?

The new film coming out TODAY, “The Other Woman” (with our loves Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Nicki Minaj!), has us thinking about the power structure of “girl world.” Call it “girl power,” if you will. It’s not an entirely new concept to wrap our heads around (remember how life changing “Mean Girls

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Cameron Diaz May Hate Deodorant, But the First Line on Her Résumé Still Reads ‘Movie Star’

Cameron Diaz has mostly been making headlines lately for saying things along the lines of “BOO! Down with deodorant!” and “YEAH! More pubic hair!” and “MMM! My vagina so hungry!” But did you know she also has a movie coming out? It is called The Other Woman, and Nicki Minaj is in it too! Nicki…

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Cameron Diaz is Anti Antiperspirant

I guess Cameron Diaz is officially what you’d call “earthy crunchy.”

The 41-year-old Bad Teacher actress recently told E! news that she hasn’t used antiperspirant in twenty years.  …

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Nicki Minaj Looks Downright Demure at ‘The Other Woman’ Premiere in Los Angeles

Nicki Minaj debuted her softer side at Los Angeles premiere of her new film The Other Woman. The “Super Bass” singer showed off her curves in a figure-hugging knitted cream dress that managed to be sexy and subtle at the same time. Let’s look back at a few of Nicki’s previous red carpet looks, shall…

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Kate Upton Holds Hands with Justin Verlander, Bruises Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Soon to be movie star Kate Upton and her boyfriend Justin Verlander enjoyed a stroll through Beverly Hills yesterday (April 10, 2014).

The pair clutched cups of coffee and flashed smiles as the they walked hand in hand while doing a little window shopping.

Michael Prieve |

Leslie Mann-Handles Cameron Diaz’s Booty

It’s not very often that someone gets to grope Cameron Diaz’s perfectly toned tush… But if you’re Leslie Mann, that thing is all yours!

She wasn’t afraid to show her affection for the blonde beauty as they made their way down the red carpet at the London premiere of The Other Woman.

Kendall Fisher |

‘The Other Woman’ Trailer: The Lawyer, The Wife and The Boobs Get Revenge

Revenge is a dish best served cold — and preferably by a busty waitress.

That seems to be the case with The Other Woman’s freshly-released trailer, where Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton’s characters — or “the lawyer, the wife and the boobs” — scheme to get back at the one man…

Gabrielle Chung |

Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann Had a Bikini Party in the Bahamas

When you’re Cameron Diaz or her equally fit co-stars from The Other Woman, embracing the whole “work hard play hard” mantra involves some bikini time.

On Friday, the 40-year-old actress was spotted in a zebra-inspired two-piece as she joined Kate Upton and Leslie Mann in the Bahamas for some R&R. Their playtime came…

Peggy Truong |

Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz Flaunt Beach Bods on ‘The Other Woman’ Set

Days after rocking a white bikini to film a beach scene for her new movie The Other Woman, Kate Upton was at it again, but this time she had some company.

On Saturday, Cameron Diaz — not in a bikini, to the disappointment of everyone — was spotted hard at work with Upton,…

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Kate Upton’s Boobs Just Can’t Stand Still

Bounce around, bounce around!

That’s exactly what Kate Upton’s world-renowned bosom did while she shot upcoming revenge comedy The Other Woman on set in West Hampton, N.Y., on Thursday.

With her lacy bra peaking out from under a low-cut tank, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model let her cover-worthy cleavage fly free…

Cory Lopez |

Kate Upton Wears Short Shorts On Film Set

Whatcha listening to there, Kate?

On Wednesday, Kate Upton was spotted without her usual bikini look on the set of her new film The Other Woman. But the blonde bombshell still sizzled in a pair of Daisy Dukes and a pink tee as a crew member led her to her around the set.

Peggy Truong |

Nicki Minaj’s Gonna Be A Movie Star, Y’all

Nicki Minaj is heading to the silver screen.

The American Idol judge is in final negotiations to make her live-action feature film debut in FOX’s revenge comedy, The Other Woman, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Directed by Nick Cassavetes, the flick will also star certified movie starlet Cameron Diaz as “the other…

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