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Watch: Ikea Celebrates Halloween and ‘The Shining’ in New Ad

Ikea is having a pretty good year — with its ads anyway.

Just in time for Halloween, the furniture (and basically everything you need in your apartment/mansion) giant has released a new commercial that’s basically a tribute to one of the most famous scenes from The Shining.

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Is The New “Carrie” Movie Scarier Than The Book?

Naturally, the key to a horrifying Stephen King thriller starts with a best-selling Stephen King novel.  With over 50 published novels and more than 150 total written works, the man is virtually a franchise all by himself!

Scott Bernberg |

‘The Strangers,’ ‘Alien,’ ‘Evil Dead II’: Celebuzz Editors Pick Their Favorite Scary Movies (PHOTOS)

Everybody loves a good scare at the movies — including the Celebuzz editorial team!

Because sometimes the holidays can be a little frightening, we’re ringing in the season with a rundown of our favorite terror-filled flicks. From the sublime scares of Alien to the retro slasher joys of Nightmare on Elm Street, we cover…

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