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15 Moments from ‘A Walk to Remember’ That Are Back to Destroy You on Its 15th Anniversary

Mia Lardiere | January 25, 2017 - 8:00 am

How could you, Nicholas Sparks?! More »

Celebuzz’s Picks for the Best New Shows of 2016

Scott Baumgartner | December 16, 2016 - 9:00 am

Here’s the shows worth looking for this holiday break! More »

‘This Is Us’ Writers Are Developing a ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spinoff

Jelani Addams Rosa | December 15, 2016 - 10:01 am

Get ready for How I Met Your Father. More »

Mandy Moore on Working with ‘This Is Us’ Co-Star Milo Ventimiglia: ‘We Love Each Other’

Gabrielle Chung | December 12, 2016 - 2:45 pm

This onscreen husband-and-wife duo can’t get enough of each other! More »

WATCH: Milo Ventimiglia Recreates Emotional ‘This Is Us’ Pushup Scene with Ellen DeGeneres

Jelani Addams Rosa | December 6, 2016 - 11:40 am

Hopefully next time he does them with his shirt off. More »

Milo Ventimiglia Reveals the Hardest Thing About Returning to Stars Hollow After All These Years

Mia Lardiere | December 1, 2016 - 1:48 pm

Milo Ventimiglia also discusses what he learned from Will Smith on the set of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. More »

Say Hello to John Mayer, President of the ‘This Is Us’ Fan Club

Mia Lardiere | November 28, 2016 - 12:30 pm

As it turns out, “Love on the Weekend” is about binge watching This Is Us. More »

Chrissy Metz, Star of ‘This Is Us,’ Must Lose Weight, According to Contract

Nick Mangione | November 18, 2016 - 1:35 pm

Life is legally obligated to imitate art. More »

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Reveals Past Feud With Bandmate Liam Payne

Gabrielle Chung | December 4, 2013 - 7:00 pm

As it turns out, One Direction wasn’t heading in the same direction when they first formed as a band.

In a bonus clip featured on the British group This Is Us documentary DVD, bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne confess to actually hating each other when Simon Cowell put the boy band together when all… More »

Harry Styles ‘Hearts’ Today’s Winning Captions, and He’s Got the Shirt to Prove It

Matt Russoniello | August 22, 2013 - 11:30 am

Zayn Malik may be off the market, ladies and gentlemen, but you’ve still got a chance with Harry Styles. Or any of the other One Direction boys for that matter. Harry seems pretty into it, judging from this picture of him at Tuesday’s UK premiere of One Direction This: Is Us. So let’s all try and… More »

Can’t Make the UK Premiere of ‘One Direction: This Is Us’? Join Our LIVE Twitter Party Instead!

Matt Russoniello | August 19, 2013 - 2:30 pm

Directioners, are you ready for the best song thing ever?

Tomorrow, Celebuzz and Idolator will host a live Twitter party as we stream the UK premiere of One Direction: This Is Us. You’ll be able to find the stream on Idolator. Once you’re tuned in, head over to Twitter and chat with us… More »

Here’s 1D In Movie Poster Form

Peggy Truong | April 20, 2013 - 11:25 am

Dearest Directioners: it’s hard to believe there’s still four months before One Direction’s film comes out, isn’t it?

Earlier this week, the band and TriStar Pictures unveiled the official first poster of This Is Us, a 3D concert movie directed by Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame).

According to MTV,… More »