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Tiger Woods Goes Public With Lindsey Vonn Romance

By: Cory Lopez / March 18, 2013

Tiger Woods Yachts With Lindsey Vonn In Florida

By: Barbara DeFranco / March 11, 2013

Potential Adoptee Families for Tiger’s Image

By: Noah / February 25, 2010
Tiger Woods beseeched his wife, Elin, for a new family photo the night before the start of the TIGER APOLOGY TOUR 2010, but Elin refused.  Tiger may want to rehabilitate his image in the public, but Elin's not playing the dutiful role as forgiving wife.  Not just yet. Still, let's face it, America won't forgive… More »

New Endorsement Ideas For Tiger Woods

By: Noah / December 16, 2009
In the wake of Tiger Woods' extramarital hanky-panky, many advertising experts wondered if these admissions would affect the billion-dollar ad market surrounding his name, brand and image. Last Sunday, consulting firm Accenture ended it's 6-year sponsorship agreement with Woods, citing that he is "no longer the right representative for [our] advertising." While this is definitely… More »

8 Things About Rachel Uchitel

By: Alex Blagg / December 10, 2009
Rachel Urchitel, the New York City-based club manager and alleged mistress of Tiger Woods takes to the pages of the latest OK! Magazine to clear up a few misconceptions about herself, such as the growing rumor that she might not belong to the Homo sapiens species. Explains Uchitel: “I want people to realize that I’m… More »

Were Tiger Woods and George Clooney With the Same Woman?

By: Celebuzz / December 9, 2009
If it's true that, when you sleep with someone, you're also sleeping with everyone they've ever slept with, and all of their partners, Tiger Woods has suddenly gained a whole lot of alleged mistresses. According to Us Magazine, Jaimee Grubbs—the Los Angeles cocktail waitress who claims to have bedded golf legend and apparent serial adulterer… More »

Tiger’s Wife Was Pissed

By: Regan Stephens / December 2, 2009
In his mealy-mouthed apology for his alleged "transgressions" and "sins" this morning, Woods denounced the "utterly false and malicious" rumors that his wife, Elin Nordegren, had engaged in "physical violence" during last Friday's early-morning car crash at their Florida home. But then a few minutes later, the Florida Highway Patrol released these photos of Woods'… More »

Tiger’s Other Woman?

By: Celebuzz / December 1, 2009
Is there anyone who hasn't claimed to have had an affair with Tiger Woods yet? Even as the golf legend attempts to explain away his curious car accident last weekend and those pesky rumors that he's been playing some extramarital rounds with nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel, Us Magazine reports that 24-year-old Los Angeles cocktail waitre… More »